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Signal To Noise Podcast, Episode 6: Talking With James Stoffo About RF/Wireless Issues & Much More

Discussing best practices, the latest on the RF spectrum, wireless "war games"and more

Welcome to the Signal To Noise podcast series on ProSoundWeb, hosted by Live Sound/PSW editor Keith Clark and technical editor Michael Lawrence.

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In Episode 6, we talk with James Stoffo about several key RF/wireless system topics, including:

— Best practices whether using 1 or 100 systems
— The latest on the RF spectrum in the U.S.
— Wireless “war games”
— And much more

About Our Guest: James Stoffo has worked with wireless systems in professional audio for three-plus decades, including serving as an RF consultant for some of the biggest live events in the business, such as the Super Bowl, the World Cup, major awards shows and many others. Currently he’s the chief technology officer of Radio Active Designs, a manufacturer of wireless intercom systems and related gear. Find out more about James here.

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Signal To Noise
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