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New Fulcrum Acoustic Prophile Loudspeakers For Bardot Hollywood, John Lyons’ Latest Project

Low-profile cabinets make a debut in high-profile, high-style venue

Bardot, a new high-profile club in Hollywood, just opened with a John Lyons designed sound system that features new Prophile loudspeakers from Fulcrum Acoustic.

Bardot is a tribute to the glamour of a bygone era, a classic club with a contemporary twist that evokes an “old Hollywood” vibe while catering to music lovers of today. The club sits on the second floor of the Avalon building at the corner of Hollywood and Vine, a spot that first opened in 1927.

“Bardot was designed with a throwback to the classic Hollywood vibe,” says Lyons. “It’s a place where people can socialize and be entertained. A large part of the environment is the stream of eclectic entertainment, which is unique and different from traditional nightclubs.”

The system that Lyons designed for Bardot is headed by new Prophile Loudspeakers from Fulcrum Acoustic LLC.

And, in fact, Prophile was developed and engineered with input from Lyons’s vast experience operating venues like Avalon Hollywood, Martini Park, and other East Coast ventures via Lyons Group in Boston.

“The product started with an idea and a blank slate,” says Lyons, referring to his idea-sharing with Fulcrum’s veteran engineers. “The market was missing a club loudspeaker that can offer the depth and clarity of sound like near-field monitors in a home studio. I wanted dance club speakers that could replicate a studio experience at dance club levels.”

Bardot’s eclectic music lineup and ever-changing format was the perfect challenge for Fulcrum’s new loudspeaker line. Each night of the week brand managers Jason Scoppa and Alexi Yulish craft an homage to a different musical genre with performers meant to evoke a special time or place in Hollywood’s history. Bardot showcases live music with very little traditional techno or clubland music.

“Therefore, the loudspeakers needed to provide sound clarity, intelligibility, and versatility to accommodate the varying performers – from jazz and rock to dance music or big band.

Prophile embodies Lyons’s ideas in a sleek and elegant package that satisfies the aesthetic requirements of high profile nightclubs like Bardot.

“Bardot is an example of how the prevalent architectural style of nightclubs has changed. Nightclubs are no longer large, blank spaces with theatrical lighting. Prophile is a performance loudspeaker that works well in today’s highly styled, highly visual clubs,” says David Gunness, chief technical officer for Fulcrum Acoustic, who developed the Prophile series based on Lyons’s feedback. “Nightclubs have invested in design and architecture; therefore, the loudspeakers need to look like they belong there without compromising performance.”

The environment at Bardot includes intimate spaces such as the Upper Lounge, where Prophile XLS loudspeakers are installed. Guests sit nestle in banquettes to enjoy a drink or a meal while listening to the entertainment.

The flat-front Prophile XLS loudspeakers are recessed into the soffits, providing even sound coverage and clarity without the clutter.

The Prophile XLS is a full-range coaxial horn that provides 90 x 45 degrees coverage in a low profile, horizontal form factor, perfect for spaces with low ceilings and limited space for sound equipment.

The XLS features twin neodymium 12-inch horn drivers, specially designed with Fulcrum’s innovative ventilated horn technology, and Fulcrum’s Temporal Equalization (TQ) signal processing technology.

“The XLS has exceptionally high output for its size,” says Gunness. “This means that Bardot will not run out of headroom, even on the loudest, most raucous night.”

Fulcrum Acoustic Prophile SS18 subwoofers are also installed under the DJ platform to provide low frequency coverage in a compact enclosure. These compact, high-output subs hide neatly out of the way while complementing the Prophile XLS loudspeakers installed overhead.

Prophile’s discrete installation techniques also fit Bardot’s vibe of a personal and intimate experience. The club does not advertise nor send blast emails out to a collected list; invitations are either personally hand-delivered or spread by word-of-mouth.

“We wanted performers as part of the audience – an intimate and impromptu kind of feel where the line between customers and performers is a blurry one,” says Lyons. “The sound source isn’t localized because the band plays all over the room.

“They can set up wherever it feels right. Bardot’s sound system is designed with versatility for impromptu performances. There is not one listening spot in the room that is painful or distorted.”

Bardot’s growing fan base is a diverse group of people. Its inclusionary attitude and high quality musical presentations have drawn music lovers from all corners of Los Angeles including celebrities as assorted as Ryan Gosling, Joaquin Pheonix, Gina Gershon, Josh Groban, and Mick Jagger.

Bardot System, Full Equipment List
(2) Fulcrum Acoustic Prophile XL loudspeakers
(2) Fulcrum Acoustic Prophile SS-18 loudspeakers
(8) JBL Control 328 loudspeakers
(2) JBL Control 312S loudspeakers
(2) EAW JL-12 loudspeakers
(4) EAW CIS-400 loudspeakers
(2) Dynacord cl-2000 amplifiers
(1) Dynacord lx-1600 amplifier
(1) Dynacord lx-3000 amplifier
(1) Dynacord h-5000 amplifier
(2) Technics sl-1200 turntables
(1) Pioneer djm-800 mixer
(1) Serato Scratch Live sl1
(1) Soundweb London blu-80 processor
(1) Soundweb London blu-8 wall controller

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