New Flock Audio PATCH LT Digitally Controlled Analog Patch System Now Shipping

Provides 32 digitally controlled patch points (16 x 16) in a 1U housing with control via the PATCH APP that’s compatible with both OSX and Windows.
The new PATCH LT from Flock Audio.

Flock Audio has announced that the new PATCH LT digitally controlled analog patch system, offering 32 digitally controlled patch points (16 x 16) in a 1U housing, is now shipping.

Supplied with the PATCH APP software controller that’s compatible with both OSX and Windows, PATCH LT is designed to provide users with the ability to eliminate patching and re-patching cables as well as labeling physical I/Os. Users can also test, evaluate, compare and recall specific signal chains for any given application during the recording, mixing or mastering process.

“Our flagship PATCH model was created in direct response to a pressing market need,” says says Flock Audio Founder and CEO Darren Nakonechny. “Traditional patchbays have not changed with the times and to this day, depend on what is essentially 150-year-old technology. PATCH LT fosters experimentation and creativity through an intelligent ‘drag and drop’ UI, while easily handling all the basic functions of a patchbay. It does all of this while retaining the purity of the original signal, completely in the analog domain.”

As equipment needs grow and more patch points are required, additional PATCH Models can be added. Four DB25 connectors on the rear of the unit provide connectivity to other gear, and an XLR combination input/XLR output on the front panel for quickly patching in a “test’”piece of gear. Also onboard are built-in phantom power on 16 channels, firmware updates and warning notifications.

“Our PATCH LT features the same internal componentry and powerful UI as our flagship model, with a slimmed down I/O count and a very attractive price point,” Nakonechny adds. “The UI meantime means that all routing, equipment choices and creative test patching can be done straight from the computer — this not only accelerates workflow but helps the user hone in on the sounds they really are looking for. In this capacity, PATCH LT is much less of a ‘utility’ and can add immediate value in almost any equipment scenario.”

While PATCH LT is controlled using a digital UI, the system never converts the signal to or from the digital domain, with the signal path remaining strictly analog. Additionally, PATCH LT is designed to not diminish, color or alter audio signal integrity.

PATCH LT is shipping now and available for $1,650 USD. Go here for more specifics.

Flock Audio

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