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Meyer Sound Elevates Rooftop Audio At Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills

Technology Group West implements UP-4slim loudspeakers and MM-10XP subwoofers in renovation that augments 92 additional Meyer Sound loudspeakers already installed in five other public areas at hotel.
The view from the Rooftop by JG at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, with audio via Meyer Sound UP-4slim loudspeakers and MM-10XP subwoofers.

The Rooftop by JG at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, offering vistas of the Los Angeles skyline and distant mountains, recently installed a trellis structure with retractable rain coverings and radiant heaters along with a complete renovation of the foreground music system that’s headed by Meyer Sound components.

“The owners were acutely aware of the importance of sound in the overall customer experience, and they already were familiar with the quality of Meyer Sound products from other installations there since opening,” says John Swan of Las Vegas-based Technology West Group, who was design engineer and project manager for the upgrade. “This was an opportunity to raise the bar for audio even higher in this area.”

Comprising 17 UP-4slim full-range loudspeakers and six MM-10XP miniature subwoofers, the new rooftop system augments 92 additional Meyer Sound self-powered loudspeakers that already were installed in five other public areas when the hotel opened in 2017.

“The UP-4slim was a perfect fit for the rooftop because the owners insisted on discreet loudspeakers that would blend into trellis beams,” continues Swan. “Not only did the UP-4slim have the slender profile needed, but Meyer also offers a custom color option. In this case, the company making the trellis had their own paint formula, which they sent to Meyer Sound where it was matched perfectly. In addition, using Meyer Sound’s XP series loudspeakers allowed us to retain the advantages of self-powered systems without running even more AC conduit around the trellis.”

All the new loudspeakers are weather-protected and the signal routing via the MPS-488HP power supply units has channels strategically linked so that separate zones in the restaurant can change levels independently using a Crestron control system. The new rooftop system shares six GALAXY™ Network Platforms and 11 MPS‑488HP power supplies with the extended pool deck systems.

Existing systems in service at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills utilizing Meyer Sound loudspeakers include the rooftop public promenade (20 MM-4XP and six MM-10XP subwoofers); pool lounge (six UP-4XP and two MM-10XP subwoofers); pool deck (two UPA-1P and two UPJ-1XP with two 500-HP subwoofers); lobby check-in (12 UP‑4XP and two MM-10XP), and outdoor seating at the Jean-Georges Beverly Hills restaurant on the ground floor (30 MM-4XP and six MM-10XP).

“The owners here made audio quality a high priority from the beginning, which is not always the case even at upscale hotels,” says Swan. “They realize that, over the long run, it’s a smart investment in customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

Technology West Group, with offices in Las Vegas and New York, provides customized audio-visual, control and software systems for the entertainment, retail, gaming, themed spectacular and commercial markets.

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