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A perspective of the new Trojan Arena at Fountain-Fort Carson High School in Colorado that's equipped with a system utilizing L-Acoustics A Series loudspeakers, KS21i subwoofers, and more.

L-Acoustics Conquers A Big Space At New Trojan Arena In Colorado

Over a dozen hangs of A Series loudspeakers provide deliver coverage for every application at new 4,800-seat venue at Fountain-Fort Carson High School in Fountain, CO.

Trojan Arena, a new 4,800-seat multipurpose venue on the campus of Fountain-Fort Carson High School that can accommodate four simultaneous full-court basketball games and is encircled by a two-lane indoor running track on the upper level, is outfitted with a sound reinforcement system utilizing L-Acoustics A Series loudspeakers in a design by Colorado Springs-based Eleven Tech Group.

“It’s an amazing facility, even more so when you realize that this is a high school arena, not a college or professional venue,” says Ron Howard, principal consultant of Eleven Tech Group, which worked closely with both the architect, CRP Architects, also in Colorado Springs, and Brown Note Productions, the Thornton-based AV systems integrator, on the project.

The system includes 14 hangs of A Series enclosures as well as KS21i subwoofers, all furnished in white to blend in with the facility’s catwalks and ceiling architecture. The four main arrays each comprise a hang of two KS21i subs and two A10i Focus and two A10i Wide enclosures. Four corner arrays are made up of two A10i each mounted horizontally. The narrow ends of the arena are covered by four hangs of one KS21i over two A10i Wide at each end of the venue. In addition, there are two court fill hangs of three A10i Focus and one A10i Wide that are used when floor seating is needed. Nine LA4X amplified controllers power the entire system, and a single LA2Xi is used to drive four X8 used as stage lip fills for the portable event stage, as needed.

“It’s a fairly conventional system design; combined with the acoustical treatment the architect specified for the arena ceiling, it creates a lot of power and impact, but with excellent speech intelligibility and high energy for games, plus great low end for music,” notes Matt Bauer, senior integration project manager at Brown Note Productions. “Excellent voice intelligibility was a requirement for the system and it meets it very well, but does so without taking away from impact for music. It’s a very tight sound for a large and reflective arena space, which is typically hard to accomplish, but the Soundvision design built around A10i, along with truly premium-level support from L-Acoustics, really made it happen.”

Howard says he became aware of Ai Series after a discussion with a colleague who had used the system for a similar project in Hawaii. “We discussed the system’s capabilities, and it became clear that this is what would help us realize the owner’s and architect’s vision for the venue’s sound,” he says. “But what really sold us was the engineering and design support that L-Acoustics was able to provide, including the use of their excellent Soundvision software. All that was key to success.”


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