Lightning Boy Audio Returns With New Op-2 Comp Tube Compressor Pedal

Lightning Boy Audio (LBA) returns to the FX pedal business with the release of the new Op-2 Comp vacuum tube powered optical compressor pedal.

Designed from the ground up to deliver studio quality compression in a stomp box format. Op-2 Comp offers a wide, well balanced frequency response, which makes it suitable for both electric guitar and bass. Unlike its predecessor, Opti-Mu Prime, Op-2 Comp dishes out a very clean sound with low noise. It manages to do this while providing more gain and a wider range of compression than the former.

Op-2 Comp has the same simple feature set as its predecessor, supplying the user with a compression knob, volume knob, knee switch, and power switch. Inside the pedal is the same photo resistor found in the classic studio compressor, the Teletronix LA-2A. This device provides the auto-release characteristics of that much loved studio staple, while having a faster attack time from its LED light source. The heart of the pedal’s tone comes from its pair of new-old-stock 12AU7 vacuum tubes wired up with a healthy dose of Lightning Boy’s own secret sauce.

Op-2 Comp is 100% vacuum tube powered and runs off a standard 9V DC power supply. However, it is power hungry so make sure you have at least 1270mA available from your supply. The pedal is hand wired point-to-point and is made with NOS paper in oil capacitors (just like a quality vintage amp).  Made in the USA and ready to ship when you order. Op-2 Comp is available online direct from Lightning Boy Audio for $399.99 USD.

Lightning Boy Audio

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