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L-Acoustics dV-DOSC System Installed At Portugal’s Casino Figueira

The recently renovated, 100-plus-years-old casino now has main system featuring of six dV-DOSC line source cabinets and two dV-SUB subwoofers per side, all being driven by LA8 amplifed controllers racks.

L-ACOUSTICS’ Portuguese distributor Avitel has installed a dV-DOSC system into the main, 1,0000-capacity multipurpose hall at the Casino Figueira in the city of Figueira da Foz.

The casino, which has recently been renovated, is more than 100 years old and features some historic frescoes on its domed ceiling.

The main front of house system consists of six L-ACOUSTICS dV-DOSC line source cabinets and two dV-SUB subwoofers per side, each hang being driven by four L-ACOUSTICS LA8 amplifed controller racks.

Further sub bass reinforcement is provided by four SB118s driven by one LA8, while four 108P self powered monitors take care of front fill applications.

Additionally, six 112P self powered coaxial speakers and two 108P self powered monitors are being used as floor monitors.

“For a long time the Casino Figueira had been looking for a solution for its main room, the Salão Caffe,” says Casino Figueira’s technical director Carlos Alberto Silva. “This is a semi-circular room with a balcony all the way around, and was a challenge for the many distributors and brands we contacted in terms of coverage, headroom and system design.

“The project we chose would also have to meet all our criteria in terms of flexibility as the room is used for a wide variety of applications including conferences, TV broadcasts, live concerts, casino shows etc.”

The casino’s technical staff were invited to an L-ACOUSTICS training seminar and demo by Avitel to experience dV-DOSC for themselves. “This was the first time we’d seen the system, and we knew right away that it would meet our demands in terms of sound pressure, sound quality and intelligibility,” continues Silva.

“The whole concept developed by Avitel, including the room simulation created by L-ACOUSTICS’ Soundvision and remote Wi-Fi control of amplifiers, mixing console and DSP, met all our objectives. Full training for all the equipment was mandatory, and all our casino technical staff have been trained to operate all components of the system.

“The opinion of our engineers, as well as the FOH engineers of visiting bands, is that the dV-DOSC system has met all our demands in terms of coverage, coherence, SPL, headroom, quality, etc. In addition to this, the installation was carried out with the highest professional competence. The trust we placed in our long-term equipment supplier Avitel was well deserved.”

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