Report: Loud Technologies Facing Product Supplier Problems

Key Chinese supplier, responsible for a third of the company's pro audio products, has stopped making products due to financial difficulties

A report this week in the Puget Sound Business Journal notes that Loud Technologies (Mackie, EAW, Martin Audio, TAPCO and several other pro audio brands) “said its key Chinese supplier, which makes about a third of the company’s audio and musical products, has stopped making its products.”

The supplier is experiencing financial difficulties.

The report states that the “products it (the supplier) made represented 35 percent of Loud’s net sales in 2007 and 32 percent for the first six months of 2008,” and added, “without those sales, Loud said it expects a ‘significant decline’ in net sales in 2009, especially in the first and second quarters.”

Read the full report here.

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