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JBL VerTec Line Arrays Used For Aerosmith’s First Venezuelan Concert

The VerTec's were provided by local sound company Grupo Zonico.

Called upon to ensure that Aerosmith’s first concert in Venezuela was a success, regional sound provider, Grupo Zonico deployed JBL VerTec line arrays to support the rocker in Caracas.

Based in Edo Miranda, Venezuela, Grupo Zonico has supplied the nation’s top venues and highest-attended concerts with JBL loudspeaker systems since 2006.

To deliver Aerosmith’s music to a large outdoor audience, Grupo Zonico supplied 30 VerTec VT4889-1 full-size line array elements for the main left/right system, supported by 24 VT4880A Ultra Long Excursion 2×18-inch arrayable subwoofers.

Twelve VT4888DP powered mid-size elements with DrivePack technology were used for out fill arrays.

In addition, four auxiliary towers each contained three VT4887ADP powered compact line array elements, in coordination with a fifth array of four VT4888DP powered midsize line array elements.

Twenty-four VT4888DP’s provided the primary delay system in two towers of 12 each. The system was configured with Harman HiQnet System Architect software for remote control and monitoring.

“For such a momentous concert, it was important for even the farthest, deepest rows of fans to be completely dialed in with the band,” said Hugo Morillo, Director, Grupo Zonico.

“The JBL VerTec system has proven time after time, that it is 100 percent reliable and provides a great sound quality that is appreciated by the fans and, most importantly, the band.”

“Aerosmith’s top-quality performance through the VerTec line arrays gives us another successful credit to provide our customers with this outstanding technology.”

“I was impressed with the service and standard of equipment from Grupo Zonico,” said Jim Ebdon, FOH mix engineer for Aerosmith. “The JBL VerTec system sounded very smooth and accurate, the coverage was excellent and the thump from the subs was phenomenal.”


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