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dBTechnologies VIO System New At Active Blue In Bremen, Germany

Production service provider expands its stock of large PA systems and seeks more flexibly in meeting customer wishes.

Active Blue, a Germany-based service provider for lighting, sound and event technology, recently acquired several components of a dBTechnologies VIO system, including 20 VIO L212 full-range modules, 20 S218 SUB subwoofers and 20 more L208 modules.

Active Blue is increasingly active with corporate events and conferences, concerts, parties and cultural events, with the aim of purchasing VIO components being to expand its stock of large PA systems and to respond more flexibly to customer wishes. After extensive market research, they decided to take a closer look at the VIO system at the dBTechnologies stand during Prolight + Sound trade show.

“The discussions with the dBTechnologies team and the information we could gather at the show were compelling,” says Andreas Beer, managing director of Active Blue. “dBTechnologies has done a tremendous job here and offers a wide range of features that are not available from competitors. The rigging and handling of the system are very simple, the networking of all modules with each other is smooth, the automatic recognition of the elements present in the system and of course the integrated RDNet are further, very useful features.”

After the Active Blue team convinced themselves of the VIO system’s quality and features during a training session, the purchase was made. Immediately afterwards, the new components were already used for several events, including the 850th-anniversary city festival of Melle, the Sunrise Reggae & Ska Festival and further open-air events in Berlin. According to Beer, the response to the new system was positive. The mixers of the bands and the technicians on site were enthusiastic about the sound, the easy handling and the user-friendliness.

The VIO L212 is a 3-way, active line array for large sound reinforcement applications. The components of the it, as well as the company’s L210, L208, S218 and S318 are tuned to each other in terms of sound, design and optics.

As a Bremen-based company, Active Blue is already looking forward to Bremen’s Freimarkt, the largest funfair in the north of Germany. From mid October through early November, the new VIO system will be used there for two weeks in the music hall.

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