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Cultural Palace Theater In China Equipped With Renkus-Heinz

Left-center-right configuration of ST-Series loudspeakers provides consistent coverage across the entire audience

The new Wuxi Cultural Palace Theater in the ancient city of Wuxi, China, includes a 573-seat multi-use performance venue equipped with a Renkus-Heinz point source loudspeakers

The system for the theatre, designed by Zhejiang Institute of Urban Investment and Development Co., is based around Renkus-Heinz ST-Series Complex Conic systems. The left-center-right configuration includes a pair of STX7/64 dual three-way 12-inch loudspeakers in the center, flanked by three STX7/94 boxes on left and right.

Supplemental fill duties are handled by 12 TRX61 2-way systems, with low-frequency reinforcement covered by a pair of DRS18-2B direct radiating subwoofers, ground stacked on either side of the stage.

Performers onstage have a versatile monitoring system, including six TRX121 12-inch 2-way systems and four TRX151 15-inch 2 way loudspeakers. QSC amplification powers the system, with a Yamaha PM5D 48-channel digital console at front of house and a 40-channel Midas Verona analog desk for monitors.

“The theater is used for a wide variety of programs, from opera and ballet to musicals, symphony, and other performances,” explains a spokesperson for CAH Professional Sound, the company providing the equipment for the project. “Versatility was a critical consideration in the audio system design, and the Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers deliver high performance, high reliability, and excellent pattern control.

“Utilizing a left-center-right configuration of ST-Series loudspeakers, it was possible to provide consistent coverage across the entire audience. The compact TR-Series cabinets covered a handful of shaded areas in front and upstairs on the balcony level.”

The New Wuxi Cultural Palace Theater opened its doors in 2014, and has since enjoyed a regular schedule of performances and events. CAH’s spokesperson reports the venue has received praise for its excellent sound from attendees and performers alike: “The Renkus-Heinz system has performed well beyond even the most optimistic expectations. The sound in the theater is clear and articulate, with excellent fidelity to every seat in the house.”


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