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D.A.S. Audio Helps Keep The Energy High At BattleFrog Obstacle Race In Miami

Event and Action Series loudspeakers deployed at two sites for the event founded by former U.S. Navy SEALs

Founded by former U.S. Navy SEALs, the BattleFrog Obstacle Race Series is an intense obstacle course race for all ages inspired by the challenges Navy SEALs face every day in training, with a recent series in Miami utilizing a new sound reinforcement system headed by D.A.S. Audio loudspeakers.

BattleFrog transforms every race venue into a demanding obstacle course, with the Miami area participants taking up the challenge on the BattleFrog 15K, BullFrog 5K, BullFrog Mile, and TadPole Dash 400M courses.

Edwin “Haviken Hayes” Guerra is the production coordinator for BattleFrog Series, Miami and director of operations for Kenote Entertainment of Hollywood, FL. He worked alongside festival directors Alex Cruz and Frank Mendez in serving as the DJ/MC for the Miami main stage area, in addition to being responsible for coordinating all production aspects of those areas requiring amplified sound.

Specifically, D.A.S. Audio Event and Action Series loudspeakers were deployed at two sites for the event. “On the main stage, our current configuration uses two stacks of five Event 208A line array cabinets over two Event 218A subwoofers running through a DSP-2040A multi-channel digital signal processor,” Guerra says. “We also use two Event M210A dual 10-inch stage monitors, which I (as the DJ) and other people scheduled to speak use during the event.

“And at the start line, we use two Avant 215A loudspeakers and two Action 118A subwoofers plus two Action M12A stage monitors for our start line MC/Coach Pain Dewayne.”

Guerra emphasized the systems’ speech intelligibility, dispersion, and power. “My voice has never sounded better,” he says. “You can see the audience react immediately when I make announcements about their heat’s start time. And the sound projects evenly across the entire area. The entire festival area was covered—without ever sounding harsh or fatigued.

“I’ve also been impressed with the equipment’s ease of use. This enables me to easily manage the rig even when skilled labor is limited or unavailable. The rigging is user friendly and flexible. With 18 races this year, we needed something that can handle the road while also having a low power draw. The Event series was the solution.”

The new D.A.S. Audio loudspeakers are proving to be the right fit for the rigors of the BattleFrog Series, representing a significant upgrade from the previous system. Guerra reports. “We’ve received numerous compliments from both event attendees and BattleFrog employees. Our D.A.S. loudspeakers really ignited our festival area, which is such an important part of the customer’s overall experience. Not everyone knows good sound, but they certainly know when it’s bad—and with our D.A.S. equipment, those issues are a thing of the past.”

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BattleFrog Obstacle Race Series

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