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Community Loudspeakers Help St. Joe’s University Hawks Come Through Loud And Clear

The Solutions Series was used in the renovation of the Michael J. Hagan Arena.

The Hawks basketball team of Saint Joseph’s University have a long, proud history dating back several generations.

Calling Alumni Memorial Fieldhouse home since 1949, they have won more than 80% of the games played there.

After a multi-million dollar expansion and renovation, the Fieldhouse has been reborn as the Michael J. Hagan Arena, with seating for 4200 fans and a powerful new sound system designed by Maryland-based RJC Designs.

The new system features 52 of Community Professional Loudspeakers’ Solutions Series SLS920 horn-loaded systems, arrayed in a distributed cluster configuration, with that all-important low-frequency punch provided by 28 VLF212 dual 12-inch subwoofers.

Near-field coverage was augmented with six Community iBOX i2W8 systems. The system is powered by QSC amplification, with a pair of Rane RPM88 processors providing system DSP.

“The distributed audio clusters were all engineered within a zoned approach,” explains RJC Designs’ Rich Coluzzi. “Utilizing digital signal processing allowed for complete control of all aspects of the system – the upper and lower portions of the clusters, the subs for each cluster, over-the-court loudspeakers, and the loudspeakers covering the upper end-zone bleacher seating.”

“This flexibility in equalization, delay and output levels enabled us to configure the system to provide even coverage to every seat, while presenting a central audio focus toward the court.” Feedback from fans and faculty alike has been overwhelmingly positive. Interviewed after the Hawks’ first game in the new Arena, coach Phil Martelli stated, “Whoever did the sound system should be applauded. That sound system is extraordinary.”

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