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Bell Biv Devoe Plays Mandalay Bay With VUE Audiotechnik

H.A.S. Productions supports Las Vegas performances for R&B trio with al-class line arrays and hs-221 infrasonic subwoofers.

Recognized as leaders of the “new jack swing” sound of the early 1990s — a combination of hip-hop, funk, soul, and pop — R&B trio Bell Biv DeVoe thrilled a sell-out crowd on January 27th at the Mandalay Bay Events Center.

Las-Vegas-based H.A.S. Productions provided production support for the show anchored by VUE Audiotechnik al-class line arrays. The show featured supporting acts SWV, Whodini, EPMD, with a special performance by Dana Dane, and was hosted by DJ Biz Markie.

With a quick load in/load out, and lots of required low-end support, the event was a perfect match for H.A.S.’s extensive VUE rig, explained Larry Hall, H.A.S. C.E.O. “I’m a VUE zealot and of course it is the right choice for both schedule and performance reasons. We had load-in at 8 am, line check by noon, three bands on the bill who required bounteous low-end support, sound check and doors at seven, and load out at 1 am We clearly had no time for tricky setup and needed things to hang fast and sound great right out of the gate, which is why we went with VUE.”

H.A.S. deployed 12x al-12 line array modules per side as mains, 8x al-8 for outfills, and 16x al-4s for front fills. Low-end was provided by 16x hs-221 infrasonic subwoofers floor mounted in front of the stage in an arc delay.

Hall, who boasts the largest VUE al-class inventory in North America, stepped in to provide support for the Vegas show to Detroit-based SR Audio who provided full production support for the rest of the band’s U.S. tour.

According to Hall, the al-class exceeded all expectation once again. “The VUE rig has enough horsepower to absolutely knock your socks off, but the right amount of finesse to keep things sane.”

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