Audio-Technica Updates ATUC-50 Digital Discussion System

New firmware version 1.6.1 for the ATUC-50CU control unit adds a number of practical features and upgrades.

Audio-Technica is releasing new firmware (version 1.6.1) for the ATUC-50CU control unit, which is part of the ATUC-50 Digital Discussion System lineup.

New features include an increase of the maximum number of delegate units (ATUC-50DU & ATUC-50IU), from 50 to 100 per ATUC-50CU (and the maximum number when using three ATUC-50CU’s is now 300); support for the ATUC-50IU integration unit for discreet installations and a number of other practical features and upgrades.

New ATUC-50CU control units now come standard with version 1.6.1. For customers who currently have an ATUC-50CU and would like to upgrade to 1.6.1, they can do so by downloading the firmware for free from the ATUC-50 product page on the ATUS website.

Please visit the downloads tab on the ATUC-50 product profile page for the firmware update, and view the ATUC-50CU control unit firmware V1.6.1 upgrade instructions video for the process.



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