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Audio Central Podcast: So Many Loudspeakers – How Do You Choose?

Bob Rieder of Electro-Voice provides a detailed discussion of loudspeaker and system design, plus more.

Welcome to the Audio Central podcast series on ProSoundWeb. In this segment we’re talking with Bob Rieder of Electro-Voice about loudspeakers—specifically—with so many loudspeaker types available for sound reinforcement applications, how do you make the right choices? We also talk about specific aspects of loudspeaker and sound system designs, and much more.

Host: Keith Clark, editor-in-chief, ProSoundWeb/Live Sound International

About Our Guest: Currently serving as senior marketing manager for Bosch/Electro-Voice Installed Audio Solutions, Bob Rieder has worked in professional audio for more than three decades, with an extensive background in loudspeaker and sound system design among his several areas of expertise.

Listen to “So Many Loudspeakers—How Do You Choose?”

Recorded: December 22, 2016
Run Length: 00:44:50

Introduction 0.00 – 0:40
Defining Primary Factors For The System 0:45 – 2:50
The Reasons For So Many Choices 2:52 – 5:15
Distributed & Point Source Approaches 5:18 – 6:33
Utilizing Multiple Types In The Same Project 6:35 – 9:32
70.7-Volt/Transformer Isolated Systems 9:34 – 13:08
“Rules Of Thumb” For Ceiling Loudspeaker Designs 13:10 – 17:30
Working With Professional Design Firms/Entities 17:32 – 22:56
Approaches In Large Performance Spaces (Line Arrays, Clusters, Etc.) 23:00 – 28:06
Additional Key Larger System Factors 28:08 – 32:19
Focus On Subwoofers 32:22 – 36:50
Future Trends In Sound Reinforcement Loudspeakers 36:54 – 40:42
Resources For Further Information 40:45 – 44:40
Conclusion 44:42 – 44:50

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