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Audio Central Podcast: Current and Future State Of Wireless/RF In The U.S.

Welcome to Audio Central, a podcast series on ProSoundWeb

Welcome to Audio Central, a podcast series on ProSoundWeb. Today we’re talking about the RF spectrum and the current and future picture for wireless systems (wireless mics, IEM and intercom systems) in the U.S.

Guests joining PSW/LSI editor Keith Clark for the discussion include:

Mark Brunner, senior director, Global Brand Management at Shure. He’s been a leading industry representative engaged in the spectrum dialogue in Washington with the FCC over the past several years.

James Stoffo, a leading RF technician and frequency coordinator on large-scale special events and installations. He’s also a founder and chief technology officer of Radio Active Designs, a manufacturer of wireless intercom systems.

Henry Cohen, senior RF design engineer and FCC liaison with CT Communications based in New York, and also a founder of Radio Active Designs. Henry is also the co-moderator of the Wireless and Communications Forum on PSW.

Note that this discussion expounds on points made in a recent article by James entitled Back To The Future, available here.

Listen to “Current & Future State Of Wireless/RF In The U.S.”

Recorded: October 14, 2015
Run Length: 00:47:44

Introduction 0 – 1:36
600 MHz Incentive Auction Update 1:37 – 6:12
Unlicensed Operation In 600 MHz Band 6:14 – 8:02
New Spectrum Opening For Wireless Systems 8:04 – 10:50
Wireless Licensing Process, Eligibility & Benefits 10:52 – 15:39
What This Means For Wireless Users Right Now 15:42 – 18:54
New Developments Ongoing, i.e. VHF Systems 18:56 – 24:27
What Modern Technology Means To Audio Quality 24:29 – 29:05
What About 2.4 GHz Systems? 29:07 – 32:34
2.4 GHz Systems And Wi-Fi Interference 32:36 – 36:37
Re-Thinking Your Wireless Deployment 36:39 – 40:00
Three Primary Alternate Frequency Bands Opened By FCC 40:02 – 43:44
Additional Information & Resources 43:46 – 47:40
Conclusion 47:42 – 48:13

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