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Paddy Field’s new Alcons Audio inventory deployed in a performing arts space.

Alcons Audio Provides A Sonic Landscape For Japanese Rental Company

Shinjuku-based AV provider Paddy Field invests in LR7 pro-ribbon arrays, LR7B subwoofers and Sentinel10 amplified controllers.

Based in Shinjuku, Japan, AV rental company Paddy Field recently added Alcons Audio LR7 pro-ribbon line arrays and LR7B subwoofers joined by a Sentinel10 amplified controller to its inventory to support a range of small-to-medium sized performing arts productions.

Ryodai Tanaka founded Paddy Field in 2019 after 10 years as a freelance sound engineer and was introduced to Alcons pro-ribbon systems in July 2020 at a demonstration held by E’Spec, the company’s distributor in Japan. “The sound quality was excellent and, even at high volume, the high frequencies made the listening experience much more comfortable,” Tanaka says. “At the same time, the bass sounded very tight.”

E’Spec then arranged the loan of an Alcons LR7 micro line array system that Tanaka deployed in a 400-capacity hall. “Before I heard Alcons, I didn’t know about pro-ribbon drivers,” he notes. “When I investigated the mechanism I was worried if it could withstand loud volume levels but, when I tried the LR7, any anxiety was completely dispelled.

Paddy Field founder Ryodai Tanaka and partner with some of the company’s new Alcons components.

“More than that, the bass power and treble extension were very good and I was amazed at the undistorted uniformity of the high register,” he adds. “I was also impressed how well it handled EQ, responding immediately to small adjustments. With the LR7, I experienced sound I was completely satisfied with.”

Specifically, Paddy Field now has eight LR7/90 plus four LR7/120 wide-dispersion loudspeakers joined by four LR7B bass extensions and a 4 x 2500-watt Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controller.

“You can’t imagine the amount of volume that such a physically small system produces. The output is definitely larger than the size,” he says. “The sound quality is excellent, the high frequencies lacking treble range without distortion is particularly impressive. For me, it is a perfect system for rental companies like mine, who have clients with limited installation space, for example in theaters and smaller live venues.”

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