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The scene at the Baila Conmigo Festival at Miami Marine Stadium with TT+ Audio GTX 12 arrays delivering sound reinforcement.

4 Sound Group Deploys TT+ Audio To Support Bailia Conmigo Festival In Miami

Dual GTX 12 line arrays serve as mains to deliver reinforcement at one of the largest Latin festivals in the U.S. that presents music performed by a host of top artists at Miami Marine Stadium.

Miami, Florida-based audio provider 4 Sound Group deployed TT+ Audio GTX 12 line arrays as mains in support of the recent Baila Conmigo Festival at Miami Marine Stadium, one of the largest Latin festivals in the U.S. that presents music performed by a host of top artists.

“This system is on a different level,” states Joaquin Gonzalez, owner and operator of 4 Sound Group, noted as one of RCF’s first customers in the U.S. “The [GTX] system is so powerful, when you reach that level of power to avoid distortion, you feel the SPL with such clarity and efficiency, everywhere — it’s amazing.”

GTX array elements in their current configuration are powered by RCF XPS power amplifiers utilizing the latest version of RDNet 5 (v5.3) proprietary system software. Key RCF team members were on hand to provide support, including systems engineers Oscar Mora and Michael Lawrence.

“For the touring world, GTX is not only fast and easy to hang when the motors are ready, RDNet with the [XPS] amplifiers, it’s a brilliant system — also very fast,” Gonzalez adds. “For touring, from transport to cabling, there are plenty of options with this brand.”

Specifically, the main system incorporated dual 12-element GTX 12 arrays flown left and right joined by 18 GTS 29 subwoofers and GTX 10 loudspeakers for front fill. Meanwhile, TTL-33As working with TTS-36A subwoofers delivered side fill, and the stage was outfitted with as many as 10 TT 25-SMA stage monitors.

Throughout the day’s performances, several FOH engineers sat in for their first experience with GTX, including three-time Grammy winner Waldy D, front of house engineer for Wave Sound Studios in Miami. “My team works with many artists in South Florida on different systems,” he says. “The GTX system was a pleasure, like hearing the best qualities of top brands mixed into one system. A sweet natural sound, uncolored, plenty of punch, easy on the ears, it’s everything in one box. I am very impressed.”

Performers at Baila Conmigo Festival included Sergio Vargas, Eddy Herrera, Proyecto Uno, Ilegales, Puerto Rican Power, Binomio de Oro, Kinito Mendea, Rikarena, Fulanito and Diveana.

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