Penteo Releases Version 6 Upmix/Downmix Plugin

Adds 15 new creative workflow controls and presets, 14 audio formats up to 64 channels, plus numerous user interface enhancements.
The user interface of new Panteo version 6.

Penteo has announced the release of version 6 of its upmix/downmix plugin for reversioning between any audio format, including Dolby Atmos, Surround, Auro3D, DTSX, Sony 360RA, Ambisonics, Binaural and Dolby Pro Logic.

Penteo version 6 is designed to streamline the process of upmixing and downmixing to ensure reversioning between formats maintains fidelity and spatial accuracy, and every upmix will downmix 100 percent ITU back to its source. The new version adds 15 new creative workflow controls and presets, 14 audio formats up to 64 channels, plus numerous user interface enhancements.

New features include:

— 10 new sound shaping modes plus five Universal Music Group presets for upmix/downmix workflow control.

— Adds 2ch/3ch/4ch UHJ plus 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th-order AmbiX Ambisonics for multispatial automatic encoding/decoding.

— Directly convert any of 62 audio formats to Binaural without the need for intermediate upmixing.

— Supports Octophonic 8ch Cube, hybrid Sony 360RA 16.0 and Atmos 7.0.7, plus non-LFE 9.0.6 and 7.0.6 formats, broadening the possibilities for gaming/VR/XR audio creation.

— Added support for LtRt, LCRS, LCRS + LFE, and 2.1 stereo formats to accelerate reversioning of legacy formats to/from all current audio formats.

— An improved interface with two-level input/output format drop-down menus, multi-link faders, peak indicators and numerous auto-defaults to speed upmix/downmix workflows.

— Penteo Pro+ 3rd Order Ambisonics FuMa upmix to 7th Order Ambisonics AmbiX with Binaural output

“The release of Penteo’s 6th major update in five years is a milestone in the evolution of our award-winning plugins that thousands of music, film, gaming/VR, TV streaming audio professionals rely on everyday” says Jeffrey Read, CEO of Penteo. “User feedback guided this massive release for the new level of creative controls that significantly streamline upmix/downmix workflows. Early indications from the pre-release have been fantastic, especially from sound designers and composers trying to navigate the evolving world of audio reversioning between a growing number of disparate audio formats.”

Penteo version 6 is a free update for existing Penteo customers. New licenses are priced as follows:

— Penteo 360 $299 – 5.1 Upmixer/Downmixer for 13 audio formats with 2nd Order Ambisonics.

— Penteo Pro $499 – 16 channel upmixer/downmixer for 43 formats with all Atmos & Immersive

— Penteo Pro+ $799 – 64 channel upmixer/downmixer with 62 audio formats including 7th Order Ambisonics plus direct Binaural rendering.

Up to 30 percent off introductory offer sale until April 12, 2024:

— Penteo Pro+ new licenses are $599, saving $200 or 25 percent off.

— Upgrades from Penteo Pro to Penteo Pro+ are $245, saving $105 or 30 percent off.

— Upgrades from Penteo 360 to Penteo Pro+ are $400, saving $100 or 20 percent off.

Penteo supports AAX/VST3/AU running on Windows / MacOS for Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Reaper, Cubase, Nuendo, AbletonLive, Pyramix and Resolve DAWs.