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Church Sound Files: Lessons From An Old Guy

Some of the things we've learned over the years have been discovered the hard way, which bear passing on to the younger generation. Read More

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The Heart Of It All: Capturing Drum Sound

The drum sound is the heart of any band mix: kick drum keeps the pulse going, while the snare drives the rhythm and the overall beat gives each song its groove. Dynamic microphones are used for close miking drums because… Read More

Digital Evolution

There’s no denying that digital mixing consoles have overtaken old school analog at all levels of the live sound industry; the recent slew of low-priced desks is completing the takeover that started at the highest levels and gradually trickled down. Read More

The Wireless Microphone Primer

The impending death of the 600MHz range for wireless systems isn’t to be ignore but wireless ranges aside, isn’t it time we look at wireless systems themselves? Let’s get this out of the way, by 2020 we can no longer… Read More

Would You Buy From Yourself?

This article is provided by Commercial Integrator Hey integrators, what if I told you there is a question about your business that you have to ask yourself if you ever… Read More

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