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In The Studio: The “Daryl Hall and John Oates” Album & The $300 Drum Sound

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The origin of the “Daryl Hall and John Oates” album which came to be known as “The Silver Album” because of its silver metallic cover had a lowly start in the mid-Seventies on a Monday… Read More

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Audio-Technica Audio-Technica Corporation, based in Japan, designs and manufactures professional microphones, wireless systems, headphones, phonographic cartridges, and other audio equipment. More about Audio Technica.

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Road Test: Audio-Technica ATM350a Audio-Technica Offering M-Series Headphones In New Studio Headphone Pack Bundles Audio-Technica Now Shipping ATM350a Microphone Systems

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Putting Them (Microphones, That Is) On The Floor

One of the biggest live sound challenges is amplifying the voices of performers on stage in plays, musicals and operas. Solutions include outfitting them with headworn and lavalier microphones as well as capturing them with mics flown above the stage,… Read More

The Truth About Recording Levels

The following is intended as a rebuttal to this 2011 article stating that recording at low levels sounds better than recording closer to maximum. Many people believe that setting digital record levels to peak 20 dB below full scale… Read More

Field Trip: Endeavors In Audio Accuracy

Excelsior Audio was founded in late 2004 by audio engineer/inventor Charlie Hughes as an audio and acoustical consulting, design, and measurement business. Located just outside of Charlotte, NC, the company’s primarily focused on the design and development of loudspeaker systems… Read More

The Great Pyramid: Early Reflections & Ancient Echoes

Editor’s Note: This fascinating article first appeared in the July/August 2000 issue of Live Sound International. What follows encapsulates audio, acoustics, truth, fiction, legend, innuendo, road rage, taboo, and prognostication. We hope you find it fine reading for an unspoiled… Read More

The Small/Start-Up Church Gear Checklist

This article is provided by Behind The Mixer. Are you running sound at a small and/or start-up church? If so, chances are you’re struggling with the sound reinforcement system. I’ve seen a… Read More

Perspective: Compare & Contrast

The realm of the audio engineer is a broad area encompassing recording, radio, theatre, film, sports, television, live music and public speaking, and while all of these disciplines require a similar core skill set, they all differ in the way… Read More

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