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Subwoofer Arrays: Discussion & Analysis Of A Variety Of Bass Coverage Patterns

We often describe bass as non-directional. This is because we’ve learned that loudspeakers much smaller than the wavelengths they’re radiating are normally non-directional, and we know that bass wavelengths are long – 20 feet at 55 Hz, for example. In… Read More

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Audio-Technica Audio-Technica Corporation, based in Japan, designs and manufactures professional microphones, wireless systems, headphones, phonographic cartridges, and other audio equipment. More about Audio Technica.

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Audio-Technica Offering M-Series Headphones In New Studio Headphone Pack Bundles Audio-Technica Now Shipping ATM350a Microphone Systems Allen & Heath Announces Additional ProFactory Mic Presets For Qu Series

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Six Superhero Uses For Console Aux Sends

Forget the faders, knobs, and digital displays – flip the console around and show off your superhero skills. Those mind-mannered auxiliary sends are for more than monitor mixes. Aux sends, controllable at both channel and master levels, provide solutions to… Read More

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