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Tracktion Releases Master Mix Mastering Plug-in

Stereo mastering-grade plug-in offers multi-band dynamics processing and equalization

Tracktion DSP has released Master Mix, a professional stereo mastering-grade plug-in that offers multi-band dynamics processing and equalization. It’s available exclusively at the Tracktion MARKETPLACE on-line store.

Designed as an upgrade of the Acuma Labs Final Mix plug-in, which sold for $399, Master Mix ($59.99) has three individual dynamics processors, each with its own set of controls and selectable crossover points. It also has two separate six-band parametric EQs, one located before the dynamics section, and the other after.

Each dynamics band is typically used as a compressor, but expansion is also possible. An intuitive dynamics contour edit screen provides easy setup of compressor parameters and fosters creation of an optimized soft knee curve. Master Mix also offers a simple to use noise gate and a soft-clip limiter.

“Master Mix is very straightforward,” says Tracktion’s Dave Christenson. “It’s all about maintaining the creative flow. Unlike many mastering plug-ins currently available, Master Mix is easy to understand and quick to use. The perfectly laid-out visual interface keeps all the necessary tools in view, the audio quality is superior to that of Final Mix and a new side-chain implementation provides greater flexibility than before.”

Master Mix should be thought of as a mastering quality channel strip, allowing precision manipulation of any track as well as the final stereo mix.

Master Mix, and other Tracktion DSP plug-ins such as the Micro Synth Pack, are currently offered at a 50 percent discount introductory price at


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