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The Band Camino FOH engineer Michael Mechling. (Photo Credit: Timothy Hiehle)

The Band CAMINO On The Road With TELEFUNKEN Mics

Hard-touring rock group based in Nashville regularly employs a range of the company's microphones for vocals and certain instrument applications.

The Band CAMINO, hard-touring rock group formed in Memphis in 2015 that’s now based in Nashville, regularly employs a range of TELEFUNKEN microphones for vocals and certain instrument applications.

The band’s 14-track full-length debut album captures its range, from the arena-rock ready “1 Last Cigarette” to the mid-tempo “Look Up” to the downbeat “Sorry Mom.”

“We’re out on tour with a bunch of TELEFUNKEN mics,” says Jaedon Bonifield, touring engineer for the group. “We’re using them for drums and vocals, and we are just knocking it out of the park.”

“We decided to upgrade our touring gear for the bigger venues we’re playing this year,” adds front of house engineer Michael Mechling. “It was a big winner for me and the rest of the audio crew. The drums have never sounded better — like night and day. Things are clearer, fatter, and faster sounding.”

Bonifield adds, “Telefunken makes my day a lot easier. We’re getting a lot of new clarity and the rejection’s incredible. Even at the loudest moments in the set, we’re getting a lot of separation between vocals and drums, which is really important.”

“Night after night, our drums just sound great,” concludes Mechling. “The vocals sound powerful and are very consistent. Going on the road, mics always experience a lot of wear and tear, but the TELEFUNKEN durability is fantastic. They’ve really held up on this tour and never let us down.”


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