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Spotlight: Second Warehouse Reinvents Pro AV Cross-Rental

The launch of a free, web-based platform designed to make the cross-rental process quick and efficient.
The new Second Warehouse online platform.

Cross-renting gear has been a constant in the live events industry since there has been a live events industry. The ability to rent gear to fulfill a specific need is a fundamental part of running an events company and allows the industry as a whole to meet shifting demand from promoters and riders. The other constant with cross-renting is how difficult and time consuming it is.

It was the experience of trying to find gear by phone, email, text and user group searches that prompted founder Stuart Kerrison to develop Second Warehouse. “I know how important cross-rental is and also what a time-wasting drag it can be, because I’ve been the guy spending hours on the phone, calling friends in the hope of finding that one bit of gear I need for a show,” he explains. “Second Warehouse solves those headaches and lost hours while giving your equipment a better chance of being out and earning you money.”

Second Warehouse is a free, web-based platform which makes the cross-rental process quick and efficient. In a few seconds, companies searching for AV equipment are able to build a list of items they need, pick a search area and see a list of potential suppliers. Both companies can then discuss the rental, negotiate price and exchange documents all within the platform. Regardless of size, need or inventory, rental companies can use Second Warehouse to request and supply gear quickly and efficiently.

Getting started with Second Warehouse is quick and simple. All users need to do is visit and register your company. Once registered, they can search for gear and negotiate rentals with suppliers. Adding a company’s inventory to Second Warehouse ensures that it will show up in other users’ searches. Telling current cross-rental partners about Second Warehouse makes the cross-renting discussions already underway faster, more efficient and easier to track.

Second Warehouse makes cross-renting easier and more efficient. Register now at

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