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Tech Focus: Inside Unica, Powersoft’s Next-Generation Amplifier Platform

Unica is designed to deliver simple deployment, pristine sound quality, and maximized efficiency while providing a consistent user experience throughout the project lifecycle.

Powersoft’s Unica is a game-changing amplifier tailored for install professionals and system integrators seeking powerful and versatile solutions for medium to large installations.

Built on five new patents, it represents the next-generation amplifier and processing platform designed to deliver unmatched performance and flexibility. With its unique and innovative features, Unica promises simple deployment, pristine sound quality, and maximized efficiency while providing a consistent user experience throughout the project lifecycle.

Unrivaled Sound Quality
At the core of Unica’s innovation lies Powersoft’s proprietary third-generation architecture, boasting a completely redesigned input and output section. This groundbreaking technology enables high-quality amplification and foreshadows the highest signal-to-noise ratio ever achieved on a Powersoft amplifier. Audio pros can expect faithful reproduction of line level and digital signals, ensuring unparalleled sound quality in high-performance installations.

Consistency and Versatility
Unica stands out as a single, versatile platform offering a broad range of power options, functionalities, and networking capabilities. The Unica range provides a versatile solution that effectively addresses the most demanding installation requirements. With its three four-channel models and three eight-channel models, it provides a comprehensive lineup, translating into tidier racks and a straightforward user experience. Specifying amplifiers from a single product family for diverse SPL requirements not only simplifies system design but also ensures consistency in audio performance across different applications.

Check out the entire Unica product line here.

Efficiency and Quiet Operation
Unica introduces a newly designed power supply section and output section, resulting in low power consumption and thermal dissipation. Eco Mode further reduces consumption when engaged, leading to cooler racks and drastic reductions in long-term running costs. Additionally, the brand-new heat exchanger design decreases the quantity of fresh air required to dissipate heat, contributing to quieter operation levels.

Unprecedented Power Density
With never-before-seen power density in the 1RU form factor for the fixed-install market, Unica excels in delivering outstanding performance for high SPL and high channel count applications while saving valuable rack space. This remarkable achievement sets a new standard for power amplification, making Unica a go-to choice for audio professionals seeking efficiency without compromising on performance.

PoE Operation and Integration
Unica’s innovative design operates on standard PoE+ power alone, making it compatible with existing IT infrastructures and enabling effortless management of the amplifier’s functionalities, including control, configuration, loading presets, and patching inputs, as well as Dante or AES67 routing and settings. PoE++ operation, on the other hand, enables loudspeaker testing without connecting the amplifier to mains, facilitating system setup and testing even when mains sockets are unavailable. Furthermore, Unica introduces a simple third-party communication protocol for basic integration needs, ensuring seamless control and monitoring via widely used system processors like Q-SYS, Symetrix, and Crestron.

Easy Amplifier Replacement
Unica’s Easy Swap functionality simplifies amplifier maintenance and replacement. By disconnecting the amplifier and replacing it with a new one, all settings can be conveniently loaded through the dedicated USB port. This feature ensures minimal downtime and hassle-free maintenance procedures, providing audio professionals with peace of mind during critical operations.

Universo and Unica — The Dynamic Duo
Unica, as a cloud-native amplifier, is a perfect match with Universo, the Powersoft cloud. It allows users to remotely monitor devices and manage projects created on ArmoníaPlus software through an intuitive dashboard accessible from any device. The platform’s well-organized sections facilitate a simple workflow and intuitive cross-navigation experience, enabling efficient operations like firmware updates and online project sharing.

Unica’s seamless audio integration complements Universo’s monitoring capabilities, resulting in a powerful solution for delivering captivating audio experiences while maintaining scalability and adaptability in the digital landscape.

Unica in a Nutshell on YouTube
To discover Unica’s exceptional features, check out the YouTube series “Unica in a Nutshell.” This playlist provides a comprehensive overview of Unica’s technologies that set it apart in the world of audio innovation.


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