PreSonus Unveils New ATOM Pad Controller

By PSW Staff November 15, 2018

PreSonus’ new ATOM pad controller is both a compact, dynamic performance controller and a versatile production controller. Produce beats, play virtual instruments,… Read More

An Introduction To Audio Networking

By PSW Staff October 24, 2018

As its name implies, audio networking allows you to transport large amounts of data over a single cable. The bandwidth for modern networking transport protocols… Read More

Digital Audio Basics: Sample Rate And Bit Depth

By Wesley Smith September 25, 2018

Although discussions of digital audio conversion have filled several books, a fundamental understanding of two terms is particularly important to correctly using your computer-based recording… Read More

PreSonus Unveils CDL Series Loudspeakers

By PSW Staff September 19, 2018

PreSonus Audio Electronics introduces the CDL-series loudspeakers, the latest additions to the company’s line of innovative sound reinforcement designs. The result of years… Read More

Church Of The Crossroads Steps Up To PreSonus

By PSW Staff July 26, 2018

As an interdenominational house of worship, Church of the Crossroads caters to a multi-cultural, multi-generational congregation. Services are contemporary in nature, exhibit high energy, and… Read More