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Smash Mouth Performs Teen Concert Using NEXO & Yamaha Supplied By Gand Concert Sound

"Using Geosoft, we can plot the exact coverage with the correct amount of boxes to insure strong SPL where it's needed." - Gary Gand, Gand Concert Sound

Set on the Barrington (Illinois) High School football field in late September, musical act Smash Mouth participated in a teen motivational event that culminated in a performance in front of a crowd of 3,000, with tje sound reinforcement system and support by Gand Concert Sound, based north of Chicago.

Joe Perona mixed front of house using a Yamaha M7CL digital audio console while Aaron Patkin mixed monitors on Yamaha PM5D-RH.

Eight NEXO GEO T 4805s were used per side with one GEO T 2815 per side, four CD18s per side, PS15s for wedges with Alpha-E side fills, Yamaha PC9501n amps, and NEXO NX242s processors with EtherSound cards.

“NEXO’s top of the line GEO T system was employed to guarantee even coverage from the closest down stage audience members, dancing to the band, to the concert goers in the bleachers,” states Gary Gand, President, Gand Concert Sound.

“NEXO CD18 subwoofers are cardioid and keep unwanted low frequencies off the stage and out of the backstage area. The bottom goes where it’s wanted, right into the feet of the dancers down stage and is easily directed.”

“Noise control is always a concern in public spaces bordering on high-priced residential real estate, and GEO T is the perfect choice for pattern control,” continues Gand. “Using Geosoft, we can plot the exact coverage with the correct amount of boxes to insure strong SPL where it’s needed and still keep everyone happy including the stage company supplying the load-bearing roof.”

“Barrington has had several teen suicides, and the mental awareness coalition put this event together to get ‘in touch’ with the kids through rock ‘n roll,” he concludes. “We were only too happy to provide our gear for the Smash Mouth concert; we are firm believers that it is crucial to keep teens engaged through music and social awareness.”

Gand Concert Sound has the largest inventory of NEXO GEO T line arrays in the U.S.

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