Sennheiser EM 3732-II, SK 5212-II Wireless Components Now Offer Wider Switching Bandwidth

At the 2010 Prolight + Sound show, Sennheiser announced that the EM 3732-II wireless twin receiver and the SK 5212-II wireless bodypack transmitter now offer a switching bandwidth of up to 184 MHz, and have a special mode for more interference-free transmission frequencies.

The upgrade allows for adapting to worldwide transmission conditions more easily and avoid interference from other transmitters.

Note that the frequency ranges of the new devices are 470 to 638 MHz, 614 to 798 MHz, and 776 to 960 MHz. The transmitter is also available as a special U.S. version with 614 to 697.9 MHz (U.S. N-band).

“The receivers are fitted with very high-quality linear amplifiers and auto-tuning filters,” explains Astrid Vettin, Product Manager, Sennheiser Professional Systems. “This greatly reduces the amount of intermodulation products, ensuring reliable reception even in difficult RF environments.”

In addition to a wider switching bandwidth, another new feature of the SK 5212-II bodypack transmitter is the “low intermodulation” mode, which significantly reduces transmitter intermodulation. The problem of transmitter intermodulation occurs whenever several transmitters are used in close proximity, with the unwanted intermodulation products limiting the number of usable channels.

Vettin: “With the low intermodulation mode of the SK 5212-II, the sound engineer can pack around 30 percent more channels in a given frequency band than before and the spectrum can be used much more efficiently. Alternatively, one can simply benefit from the increased reliability that this mode offers.”

The transmitter can also be operated in standard mode at 10 mW – thus extending the operating time – or can transmit at 50 mW in order to increase the range.

And, the transmitter is still the same compact size and uses just one AA battery.


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