Road Test: Electro-Voice MFX Series & Dynacord TGX Series

Checking out a new multi-function loudspeaker-power amplifier combo.
Electro-Voice Dynacord
A new Electro-Voice MFX Series loudspeaker and Dynacord TGX Series amplifier.

New Electro-Voice MFX multi-function coaxial loudspeakers and TGX series DSP power amplifiers from sibling brand Dynacord are optimized to work together to form a complete system for applications that include stage monitoring, front and side fill, and smaller mains.

EV recently sent me both components – pairs of the MFX-15MC (15-inch) and MFX-12MC (12-inch) loudspeakers joined by a Dynacord TGX20 four-channel amplifier – for an evaluation. Let’s start with the loudspeakers, which are equipped with coaxially aligned high- and low-frequency transducers working with a newly engineered constant-directivity waveguide and crossover.

Coverage in the stage monitor orientation is 40 degrees (h) x 60 degrees (v). The company states that the dimensions and location of the waveguide interact with the woofer to create a bipole output, a design intended to enhance coverage control through the midrange frequencies. The coaxial driver approach is also intended to present a lower-profile footprint on stage, with dual monitor angles (35 and 55 degrees) allowing output to be more accurately focused towards the performer. They also sport integrated cups for pole-mount applications.

Both models can be deployed in passive or bi-amp configuration, and can be optimized for different uses via DSP settings in the amplifier. Continuous power handling is stated as 450 watts for the MFX-12MC and 500 watts for the MFX-15MC. Stated sensitivity for both models is 97 dB SPL (1 W/1 m). The wedges can be driven either passive or bi-amped via a rear switch.

A look at an MFX loudspeaker with the grille removed, and another view showing how the audience views it on stage.

Overall, the form factor and trim are very sleek, which is a big plus for me – I really don’t like large stage monitors that obstruct audience view and add to the clutter. Lifting them via the built-in handles, they’re solid and hefty without feeling bulky. (The 15-inch model weighs 51 pounds and the 12-inch model checks in at 42 pounds.)

The input panel on the birch plywood enclosure is recessed into the rear of the loudspeaker to help protect connectors within the cabinet envelope. The panel includes NL4 input and loop-through connections, along with the passive/bi-amp switch.

A couple more points of interest: the coaxial driver and horn assembly can be uninstalled and re-installed with a 90-degree rotation, which also rotates the coverage pattern (EV recommends this for install applications only). Both models also include an integrated pole cup (located in the side handle recesses) and four M10 suspension points to attach custom U brackets for wall-mount or flown use. Truss clamps, stand-mount adapters and a rigging bar are available for live or permanent installations.

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