RCF Extends HDL 50-A To 4K With New Models

HDL composite range adds higher-power HDL 50-A 4K active 3-way line array module and HDL26-A compact bi-amped two-way active array with the same footprint as the HDL 6-A.
HDL 50-A from RCF

RCF has introduced two additions to its HDL composite range, with the announcement of the HDL 50-A 4K and HDL 26-A.

The HDL 50-A 4K active 3-way line array module is a higher-powered redesign for the original HDL 50-A with 8000W peak power (4.0kW RMS). Equipped with 2 x 12-inch woofers, four symmetrical 6.5-inch midrange and two 2-inch drivers, it offers SPL up to 143dB, with onboard FiRPHASE and RDNet networked management.

Using advanced neodymium magnets and a new housing constructed from lightweight plywood and polypropylene, the R&D department worked assiduously on all elements of design and componentry to achieve a low weight of just 56 kg.

Current HDL 50-A’s owners can upgrade systems to 4K by simply replacing the onboard amplifier.

HDL 50-A

A further advantage of the HDL 50-A 4K is that it comes with RDNet 3.1, which is dedicated to line array management, and thanks to this advanced software, it offers enhanced management, enabling control of every transducer, adjustment of humidity and temperature, bass shaping and many other attributes.

Occupying the same footprint as the HDL 6-A, RCF HDL26-A is a compact bi-amped two-way active touring system for small and medium-sized events, both indoors and outdoors. Because of the advanced transducers’ design and the 2000W Class-D amplifier it is capable of an extended bottom-end and sound for a wide range of applications, either alone or in a line-array configuration. In addition to the inherent power, RDNet and FiRPHASE are fitted as standard.

It’s equipped with two 6-inch neodymium woofers, 2-inch voice coil and 1.4-inch titanium CD driver with 3-inch voice coil and low weight mass of just 13kg, making it ideal for the rental market and as a small installation system.

The low-frequency flyable companion designed for the HDL 26-A is the 15-inch active flyable subwoofer HDL 35-AS, compatible with the HDL rigging system and the RDNet Networked Management.


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