QSC And IDEA Pro Audio Partner To Create ProRack Series

Beginning July 1, 2015, all IDEA Pro Audio passive, bi-, tri- and quad-amp loudspeakers and loudspeaker systems will be powered by a new set of system amplifier racks named IDEA ProRack Series, featuring PLD Series amplifiers from QSC.

The result of a technical partnership between QSC and the Galicia, Spain-based European loudspeaker manufacturer, this collaboration brings to market professional sound reinforcement systems, optimized for the IDEA loudspeaker portfolio.

The IDEA engineering team determined that the QSC PLD Series represent an absolutely perfect match with all existing IDEA loudspeaker configurations.

The PLD Series’ flexible amp design, made possible by its Flexible Amplifier Summing Technology (FAST), enhances the high power-density and celebrated sonic performance of the IDEA Loudspeakers systems, while allowing for an adaptable range of options for future system growth and configuration.

IDEA is to offer the system configurations optimized around a new Series of products, the IDEA ProRack Series. Each Rack, with all necessary power, DSP control and audio connections included will feature 1, 2 or 4 units of the QSC PLD 4.5 high power 4 Channel DSP amplifier. Smaller power system solutions, based on the QSC PLD 4.2 will be introduced shortly after, by Fall 2015.

All IDEA ProRack Series models will feature a complete library of IDEA loudspeaker models.  Configurations will have specific voicing/tuning presets and will be available for download from both the QSC and IDEA websites.

IDEA users worldwide can obtain the IDEA ProRack models through the IDEA distributor network.  Additional QSC PLD Series amplifiers can be sourced directly from local QSC Distributors or Dealers.

Santiago Alcalá and Gerard Loret, founders and technical & business directors of IDEA Pro Audio, state, “We couldn´t be happier with the performance and the convenience of the QSC PLD4.5 ProRack driven IDEA systems. It is an extraordinary privilege for a starting young company such as IDEA to have been given the opportunity to work with one of the most respected and beloved brands in our business. The technical and commercial support of QSC is a magnificent opportunity for us to grow and learn.”

“We are quite pleased to be working with IDEA,” states Ray van Straten, vice president, QSC Professional. “Their compelling loudspeaker portfolio, mated with PLD power and DSP, represents an extraordinary level of performance, flexibility and high value for the rental/production market. We are delighted to offer our support for their growing brand.”

IDEA Pro Audio

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