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PSW Top 20: Most-Read Articles Of 2017

A year-end countdown of the 20 most-read articles on PSW in 2017.
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As we turn the page on 2017, over the course of this week we’ve been presenting the 20 articles that were the most-read over this past year on ProSoundWeb, culminating with the Top 5 today.

Note that some very popular articles posted more recently have not had as much time to accumulate traffic as others that have been posted for a longer period of time. We suspect you’ll see some of those fine articles on next year’s list.

Without further adieu, here are the Top 20 articles on PSW for 2017. Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year!

Most-Read Articles #20 – #16 (Posted Tuesday, December 26)

#20. A Variety Of Paths
Detailing microphone and direct/DI techniques for instrument amps.
By Craig Leerman

#19. The Inevitable Rise Of The B-Team
Provoking church sound crews to attain the right balance in matters of tech and life.
By Erik Matlock

#18. Leadership + Experience = Success
Eight ways to create a positive work environment and generate better results.
By Karl Winkler

#17. Choosing A New Console
Going beyond audio quality when selecting a new console for your church.
By Mike Sessler

#16. Never Frown During Sound Check
A range of valuable lessons for live mix engineers from the “small time.”
By Bruce Batterson 

Most-Read Articles #15 – #11 (Posted Wednesday, December 27)

#15. System Tuning Insights
A myriad of approaches in pursuit of the same goal.
By Andy Coules

#14. Vocal Mixing Basics
Seven keys to the sometimes daunting task of “making it sing.”
By Chris Huff

#13. Making It More Realistic
Five tips for success with the “necessary evil” of pitch correction.
By Bobby Owsinski

#12. Lowering The Boom (Literally)
Keeping bass energy under control as part of a semi-silent stage.
By Mike Sokol

#11. Sending The Message
Prosody and its role in effective sound design and mixing.
By Jonah Altrove

Most Read Articles #10-#6 (Posted Thursday, December 28)

#10. Top Ten Mix Myths
Which recording myth(s) are you guilty of believing?
By Joe Gilder

#9. Company Toolkit
A collection of items that make gigs a whole lot easier.
By Craig Leerman

#8. Race To The Bottom?
The consequences of settling for the lowest common denominator.
By Karl Winkler

#7. Horror Story Installations
Unless you’re well-trained and experienced, please leave this stuff to the pros.
By Erik Matlock

#6. Line ‘Em Up
Catching up with new line array technology development.
By Gary Parks

Most Read Articles #5 – #1 (Posted Friday, December 29)

#5. Phase Vs Polarity
The struggle to understand pro audio’s most pervasive inaccuracy.
By Jonah Altrove

#4. Spatial Pursuits
The evolution of large-scale sound system optimization.
By Bob McCarthy

#3. Festival Fun
Staying cool, calm and collected at front of house while getting the job done.
By Nicholas Radina

#2. Spec Wars
Looking inside loudspeaker SPL specifications.
By Christopher Grimshaw

#1. Step-By-Step RF
A logical approach for tracking down common wireless system and related problems.
By Ike Zimbel