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Six Powersoft X4 amplifiers drive 40 loudspeakers in the new system at Chonburi Stadium in Thailand.

Powersoft X Series Drives New Audio At Chonburi Stadium In Thailand

Six X4 four-channel amplifiers drive 40 loudspeakers in upgraded venue-wide system serving 8,680-capacity venue located 50 miles east of Bangkok.

The Powersoft X Series amplifier platform is driving a new venue-wide sound reinforcement system outfitted with 40 loudspeakers at the newly refurbished, 8,680-capacity Chonburi Stadium in eastern Thailand, originally built in 2009 and now the home of Thai League 1 football team Chonburi FC.

The replacement of the original audio system (the choice of equipment having been driven by budget considerations) was part of an ongoing upgrade of the 13-year-old stadium’s facilities that also included improved lighting, new seats and a re-turfed grass pitch.

Tasked with improving intelligibility for both speech and music, integration firm Asavasopon used Modeler and Auditioner software by Bose Professional (of which Asavasopon is the Thai distributor) to design the new system. “To the stadium owners, the sound quality in the stadium is crucial, both in terms of loudness and clarity,” says company president Phaisal Asavasopon. “The quality of the communications providing information to spectators was considered particularly important.”

The system’s 40 Bose ArenaMatch loudspeakers are powered by six Powersoft X4 DSP + Dante amplifiers, which interface with ArmoníaPlus control and monitoring software that’s integrated with the X Series. Also new are a Midas M32R Live console and four Electro-Voice ND86 wireless microphone systems.

The four-channel X4 amplifiers integrate a worldwide-compatible three-phrase power supply and, in the DSP + Dante version installed at Chonburi Stadium, a 16-input/8-output redundant Dante connection.

The refurbished venue was handed over to the city in late May, with Phaisal Asavasopon reporting that local government representatives are “overwhelmingly enthusiastic,” with the new audio system “far exceeding expectations of the sound quality. He adds that Chonburi Stadium will now “become a unique showcase as it is very likely this is now the best sports stadium in Thailand for sound quality.”

“We are delighted to have worked with our Thai partners on this once-in-a-generation project to create Thailand’s best-sounding stadium,” concludes Powersoft APAC sales manager consultant Arthur Soh. “It is great to hear the X Series doing what it does best: delivering powerful, reliable, high-quality sound that meets the demanding requirements of a world-leading venue.”


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