Powersoft Announces M Series Power Amplifiers

Powersoft has announced the M Series line of power amplifiers.

The M Series consists of five new models that include two 4-channel and three 2-channel versions.

M Series amplifiers come in a one rack unit chassis, 14.1” in depth and weight just over 16lbs.

All M Series models feature Powersoft’s advanced plug-in DSP module.

When installed and preset to meet the needs of a particular installation including settings for crossover frequency and curves, basic system EQ and protection functions, the parameters cannot be tampered with.

“Because of our advanced engineering and design, we will be able to offer M Series amplifiers at a very attractive price without compromising the sound quality and features,” said Claudio Lastrucci, Powersoft’s managing director.

“This makes the M Series an outstanding value for small to medium sized PA systems and stage monitors for live music and DJ applications. Even for dry hire, M Series is safe with the DSP ‘hidden’ inside. Clubs, bars and other entertainment venues often have to pay extra for their systems to be tamper-proof. The M Series includes this as standard.”

The new M series amplifiers will be available later this year.

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