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The San Diego Event Professionals team with its new Pliant Technologies CrewCom gear (left to right): Alex Gourdikian, Eric Hester, Micheal Lockhart, and Christian Prasser.

Pliant Technologies Enhances Communication For San Diego Event Professionals

The audio, video, lighting and production company employs its recently acquired CrewCom 900MHz wireless intercom platform for a range of events at Point Loma Nazarene University.

San Diego Event Professionals, a provider of audio, video, lighting and other planning and production services for events held in San Diego and the surrounding areas, recently upgraded its outdated communication platform to a variety of Pliant Technologies products, including the CrewCom 900MHz wireless intercom system.

Since 2017, the company has been working with Point Loma Nazarene University to help create events on the instituion’s campus, ranging from commencement convocations to concerts in the Greek Amphitheater. “We were using another intercom system and we kept having glitches,” says Don Brennan, president of San Diego Event Professionals. “I happened to see a write-up in a publication on Pliant, so I reached out to them and requested more information. Once we received the system, we brought it to Point Loma Nazarene and it was absolutely fantastic.”

San Diego Event Pros officially deployed the system for the first time for a university concert located in the Greek Amphitheater featuring folk duo Johnnyswim. The intercom configuration consisted of the CCU-44 control unit, a CrewCom 8-Port copper hub, and two CrewCom radio transceivers, one located on stage right and one stage left with about 150 feet in between. The team used seven CrewCom radio packs and three of the brand’s SmartBoom headsets, two dual-ear and a single-ear.

“We didn’t experience a single point where there was any sort of dropout,” says Brennan. “The top of the amphitheater is street level and then it drops down because it’s on a cliff-side. I went for a walk and was able to travel about 300 yards away, on top of the bowl with no clear line of sight at all, and it was still working. I could talk to the guys, no issues at all. The intercom performance in loud environments has also been stellar. I’ve been able to have a stage manager walk around a very loud stage and can hear him clearly and easily. Prior to our change to Pliant, it was very difficult to communicate with anyone on or near a loud stage.”

In addition to Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego Event Pros also deployed the Pliant system for a two-night concert event in Allied Gardens. “We were using all seven of our Radio Packs,” adds Brennan. “The set up was a bit more advanced, as this was a filmed event and we were specifically talking only to video producers in front of house, and it again worked flawlessly.”

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