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Peter Frampton & Bob Heil Reunite, Talk Past, Present & Future

Audio and performance history "come alive"

Thirty-five years ago, Bob Heil built one of his now famous talk boxes and gave it to Peter Frampton as a Christmas present.

Audio history shows that the talk box played a huge roll with Frampton’s first solo album, the landmark “Frampton Comes Alive!” Released in 1976, the release went on to become the all-time best-selling live album to this point in time.

Heil and Frampton went their separate ways over the years, with Heil guiding his company, Heil Sound, in the design and production of microphones, and Frampton recording and performing around the world. 

Frampton has been using Heil Sound microphones in his recording studio for several years, and he recently got back in touch with Bob Heil about options for live microphones for his summer concert tour.

The two met up in person in Nashville for an interesting conversation about a range of topics. Fortunately, the conversation was recorded, and you can check it out on PSW by clicking here.

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