Sensaphonics Upgrades ProPhonic 2X-S, 2MAX Custom Earphones With Field-Replaceable Cable

Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation has announced the immediate availability of field-replaceable cables for its ProPhonic 2X-S and 2MAX dual-driver custom earphones, an upgrade that creates an extra margin of security for touring artists.

“Experience shows that the cable assembly is the most vulnerable part of any earphone,” comments Sensaphonics president and founder Dr. Michael Santucci. “By converting to a field-replaceable design, Sensaphonics users will have far greater assurance that they will never have to do a show without their earphones.”

Designed by Sensaphonics Japan, the new cables are a tour grade, dual-conductor design, featuring a memory-wire insert at the earpiece end and a split adjuster (zipper) to ensure a secure fit behind the head. Users may specify either matte silver or black, in lengths of 52 or 60 inches.

Unlike the friction-fit systems used by other manufacturers, the new Sensaphonics cable is secured to each earpiece with a nylon screw, eliminating any chance of it being accidentally pulled out.

“Offering a field replaceable cable for our soft silicone earpieces was always a goal,” notes Santucci, “but we knew any friction-based system would be a poor compromise. We developed this approach for our 3D Active Ambient earphones, and user response was so positive that we decided to develop a similar version for the ProPhonic 2X-S and 2MAX as well.”

Sensaphonics’ unique soft-gel silicone custom earphones provide distinct performance and reliability advantages, including long-wearing comfort and superior sound isolation. In addition, the silicone acts as a shock absorber to protect the earphone electronics. Unlike other earphone materials, the medical-grade silicone used by Sensaphonics will not crack, shrink, fade, or degrade in any way.

The new field-replaceable cables are now in production, and are included as standard on all new ProPhonic 2X-S and 2MAX earphones; pricing remains unchanged. The original integrated cable and Sensaphonics’ unique breakaway cable assemblies will remain available upon request.

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