NTP Debuts Penta 721s Compact Dante Multiformat Converter & Router Series

1RU models provide routing, AES, MADI and Dante I/O with either additional Dante capability, SDI embedding/de-embedding I/O or an open option card slot.
Front and back panel views of one of the new Penta 721s units from NTP.

NTP Technology’s Enterprise-class Penta family of digital audio multiformat converter/routers has expanded with three new compact models, with the 1RU Penta 721s, 721s-DNT and 721s-SDI designed to allow multiple audio formats to co-exist with (Audinate) Dante networks.

All Penta 721s units offer more than 400 connection and configuration options, bridging AES, MADI and AES67-compliant Dante I/O with an onboard 512 x 512 router. The Penta 721s model has an open slot accommodating any of seven Penta I/O option cards which include additional AES, dual MADI, analog input, analog output, speaker DSP and delay for lip-sync processing modules that can be purchased as best suits a given application.

For A/V applications, the new Crestron Module offers associability to routing and volume of all individual channels. NTP Technology’s DAD and Penta hardware is aligned around its DADman software, where control applications include interleaving NTP technology to expand Avid MTRX and MTRX Studio I/O (both built for Avid by NTP with DADman control) and also providing monitor control and I/O capability to Avid Dock, S1, S4 and S6 consoles, via the EUCON 3 protocol.

The Penta 721s-DNT is a Dante-to-Dante converter with onboard sample rate conversion on all inputs, which makes it suitable for connecting individual IP Audio networks that may run on different sample rates and digital clocks. While all 721s models natively include Dante connectivity in the form of a 64-channel Brooklyn II module, the 721s-DNT model is pre-fitted with the Penta 128-channel Dante module, also with onboard sample rate conversion in and out.

The Penta 721s-SDI adds Dual 3G SDI embedding / de-embedding to the package and is intended for broadcasters with the need for combining SDI signals with Dante, MADI or AES. The SDI side of the model also has built-in sample rate conversion.

“The new Penta 721s models build on the legacy of the modular Penta 720 unit, which has proven its reliability in countless enterprise audio solutions throughout the world,” says Mikael Vest, sales director, NTP Technology. “So, we’re obviously excited to now add these new, compact and more cost-effective siblings to the Penta universe of audio-routing and conversion interfaces. We already know that AoIP will increasingly become the backbone of any larger enterprise audio facility, yet older audio formats will remain part of the systems for some time. With Penta 721s and Penta 721s-SDI we’re covering any existing audio format around, while Penta 721s-DNT is ready to engage any Dante/AES67-based system today or in the future.”

The new Penta 721s models will be available worldwide in October 2020. The Penta 721s has a MAP/MSRP USD price of $2,799, with the 721s-DNT priced at $4,320 and the 721s-SDI priced at $4,620. All NTP products come with a two-year warranty, extended to three years upon product registration. Go here for more specifics on Penta 721s.

NTP Technology is distributed in North America by plus24.

NTP Technology

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