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New Vertically Expanding Broadcast Truck Equipped With RTS

First vehicle of its type, designed to accommodate onboard social distancing, employs ODIN OMNEO digital intercom matrix and more.
Inside the Vertically Expanding Broadcast Truck that's equipped with an RTS ODIN OMNEO digital intercom.

M&J Systems Technologies, a Washington, NY-based facilities and integration company, has developed the first Vertically Expanding Broadcast Truck, designed for COVID-19 restricted environments, that’s equipped with an RTS ODIN OMNEO digital intercom.

The 640-square-foot trailer provides remote work stations on two floors, with space for a show producer, director, replay associate director, graphics coordinator, show associate director and an EIC/audio operator. A two-person announcer booth is also included. All positions are a minimum of six feet apart and include Plexiglas partitions. Fully equipped, the vehicle weighs less than 20,000 pounds.

This RTS ODIN OMNEO digital intercom matrix aboard the unique mobile unit fosters communications between onsite staff and/or worldwide remotes through any of the onboard RTS KP series keypanels or two-wire partyline channels. Further, ODIN’s native RVON (RTS Voice Over Network) channels are designed to provide low-latency links to any of the other thousands of RTS trunked intercom systems used by the majority of sports and news broadcasters.

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