New Powersoft D-Cell 504 Power Amplifier Module Debuts At 2009 InfoComm

At 2009 InfoComm in Orlando, Powersoft Advanced Technologies debuted its new D-Cell504 amplifier module that combines the advantages of its patented switch mode power supply and fixed frequency PPM-PWM modulation technologies into one product featuring Class-D technology.

The stereo amp unit can deliver up to 350W at 4 Ohms per channel in SE mode, or 700W at 8 Ohms in bridged mode. The unit features six different types of protections, load monitoring for transducer diagnostics and an optional 2in/4out SigmaDSP processor (only one DSP is needed to manage two amp units), easily programmable with Analog Devices’ SigmaStudio.

A key feature of D-Cell504 is its versatility due to the ability of the power supply to drive two amp units. This allows the user to easily power simple bi-amped systems, stereo or mono loudspeakers as well as complex multistage systems, subwoofer and satellites or three-way loudspeakers.

Powersoft is also releasing D-Cell in a completely new “integrated system” representing an incredibly compact and “ready-to-play” solution with up to four output channels in 100x330x110 mm of space.

Up to three units (one power supply and two stereo amplifiers) can be hosted on a single chassis (only 100×330 mm in its default shape), performing thermal dissipation and including mains connection, an interface panel with XLR balanced stereo inputs or input plus direct output, LEDs for signal presence, input clipping, limiter and temperature protection, as well as preset selection push button, preset selection LED, and connector to program the DSP with the module already mounted in the cabinet.

Power Factor Correction (PFC) built into the D-Cell504 provides consistent high-quality sound (the input voltage level is always controlled to give stable and optimal output performance), worldwide AC compatibility with operating range from 90 to 265 VAC and an over-voltage tolerance up to 400 VAC, and high reliability.

With more than 90 percent of efficiency, PFC yields the benefit of superior performance with reduced energy for equivalent power output saving energy and reducing carbon footprint.

Powersoft Website

(Be sure to visit PSW’s 2009 InfoComm New Product Gallery.)

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