New DcSoundOp Video: DiY Custom USB Controller For Any Editing Software, DAW or NLE

In this video we’re taking on an easy usb controller project that you can make at home and customize to fit your workflow. There are loads of projects like this online and on YouTube and I wanted to show one here on the channel, specific to pro audio, editing and creative work. A simple backlit LED two button play and stop controller is a great project that can be made to work with any software, so that is where we will start.

The Arduino Micro in this project is one I’ve had laying around for years. They are a ton of fun to play with and really help speed up the process of trying new ideas and experimenting on the fly. Programming for this project is down to mostly copy and paste from the SparkFun tutorial I used as guidance. The communities around development platforms like Arduino are incredibly robust. They have catalogs of example projects and so many folks sharing their work and their code openly, it’s hard to find a problem someone hasn’t run into before.

With these types of projects, it’s important not to waste time beating yourself up when you hit a roadblock. You can google your way out of any Arduino problem, and learning to search for solutions others have shared can help you take huge strides in your understanding very quickly. Much like any software, coding or electronics project, if you find yourself in a position where you are reinventing the wheel, it can be good to step back and look at how others have solved the same problems.

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