Middle Atlantic MPR Now Brings Series Surge Protection To Vertical Power Strips

Also provides series-type surge protection to all cascading modules in each circuit.

Middle Atlantic Products is expanding its Modular Power Raceway (MPR) system to include surge protection capabilities with the introduction of Series Protection modules for the MPR Series.

The debut marks what the company states is the industry’s first vertical power strip to offer series-type non-degrading surge protection, and its first fully configurable power solution to do the same.

The new Series Protection modules will also provide series-type surge protection to all cascading modules in each circuit. A patent-pending technology, Middle Atlantic states that Series Protection is the fastest-responding series type surge suppression currently available.

The MPR system allows integrators to configure their own ETL-listed vertical power solution using off-the-shelf parts. When installed as the first circuit within the power strip, these modules will extend that series type surge protection to all connected units that follow. 

In addition, the module sits on top of raceway channel, which allows circuit wiring between modules and unimpeded connection to the termination.

The new MPR modules join the Middle Atlantic family of rackmount and RackLink power products leveraging Series Protection technology.  Modules are available in 15- and 20-amp configurations with outlet options being controlled or on when connected.

Middle Atlantic Products

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