MediaMatrix Announces EN54-16 Certification For nCIE PILOT Control PC & NION Series DSPs

Components that form the nucleus of a Voice Alarm Control and Indicating Equipment system meet European Standard.

MediaMatrix has announced that its NION Series of digital signal and control processors (DSPs) and nCIE PILOT control PC are now certified by the EN54-16 European Standard. These components form the nucleus of a VACIE system (Voice Alarm Control and Indicating Equipment) used to provide protection for the public and for safety personnel.

The EN54 certification is a mandatory standard that specifies, requires, and laboratory tests every component of fire detection and fire alarm systems. Part 16 of the certification specifically pertains to voice alarm control and indicating equipment.

The just-launched MediaMatrix nCIE PILOT processor, the “brain” of the VACIE system, manages all control and fault-monitoring logic. It also provides all control functionality to the end user through hosting the Kiosk2Go (tablet device HTML5) GUIs (graphical user interfaces) to multiple clients.

Additionally, the MediaMatrix NION Series nX, n3, and n6 DSP frames handle audio input sources, DSP processing, routing, networked and analog audio distribution, and voice alarm message playback, among other operational tasks. VACIE can be configured and scaled as a centralized single-rack system, distributed across multiple remote racks or positioned as a hybrid of both. It can also scale to hundreds or even thousands of channels utilizing MediaMatrix NION architecture.

The nCIE PILOT and NION frames are accompanied by a choice of Powersoft Audio, d&b audiotechnik, or Crown Audio networked multi-channel power amplification to meet system requirements. Belgian company Luminex has also deployed its GigaCore 26i Ethernet switch, which manages all IP communications between devices and is also used for handling all Dante-networked audio traffic.