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Martin Audio Deployed In Upgrade At Popular Nightclub On The Italian Riviera

Vibra Service goes with CDD series loudspeakers both indoors and outdoors at the Il Covo Di Nord-Est in Santa Margherita Ligure.
Maertin Audio CDD seres loudspeakers at Il Covo Di Nord-Est nightclub in Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy.

Martin Audio CDD series loudspeakers were recently deployed by integrator Vibra Service of Albenga (SV) at the Il Covo Di Nord-Est, a popular nightclub on the Italian Riviera in Santa Margherita Ligure

The venue offers both indoor and outdoor spaces: the main bar is located in the former, while the dance floor and sofas, arranged differently every night, can be found outside. The main DJ area hosts local artists as well as live performances, and that’s where the 2-way CDD loudspeakers were specified.

The upgrade had been the result of a severe storm in 2018 that had necessitated a complete venue rebuild, including the new audio system, which will now take on new challenges both indoors and out. Venue owners Stefano Rosina and Matteo Canepa (from Mito srl) considered several tenders before choosing Vibra Service to undertake the project — the company had previous experience working at Il Covo back in 2018, and the collaboration proved so successful that it was an easy decision for the client to make.

Vibra Service Owner Stefano Lo Sardo states that he considered the CDD series to be the best option in terms of quality-price ratio, with the weather resistance of the “WR” version providing an added bonus. “Many speakers are sold watertight or IP65-rated, but then after a while they tend to deteriorate,” he notes. “However, the build quality of CDD is very high and the customer was confident of its durability over time. In addition, I have already been working with this series for a couple of years and so far I have never had a problem.

“I also knew the dispersion would guarantee even coverage throughout the entire venue, particularly in the main guest seating area around the center,” Lo Stefano continues. “In this instance I have prioritized sound clarity and uniform coverage above seeking a high SPL,” he said.

The system design comprises four compact CDD5B loudspeakers, with a pair of SX110B subwoofers and six CDD10B for the interior. The continuity with CDD extends to the outside area, with a pair of CDD10B-WR weatherized loudspeakers and four SX112B subs to reproduce background music for entertainment during the day as well as for dinner shows with slightly more forceful volume in the evening.

Lo Sardo concludes, “The customer is extremely satisfied with the new sound system, so much so that he is now considering replacing the PA in the downstairs area with Martin Audio.”

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