Lectrosonics Introduces Duet Digital Wireless Monitor System In B1C1 Frequency Band For International Markets

New version of the system operates in the 537-691 MHz tuning range for markets that include Europe, Asia-Pacific and South America.
The Duet digital wireless monitor system is now available in the B1C1 (537-691 MHz) tuning range for international markets.

Lectrosonics has announed the introduction of the Duet digital wireless monitor system in the B1C1 (537-691 MHz) tuning range for international markets that include Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America.

The M2 Duet System employs proprietary digital technology designed to provide flat frequency response, wide dynamic range with no compression, and maximum channel separation for enhanced stereo imaging or reliable mono operation with no crosstalk. In addition, the digital audio is designed to eliminate a compandor and the associated artifacts to produce clear, low-distortion sound with stated latency of 1.8 ms.

The Duet IEM system components include the M2Ra bodypack receiver, M2T/E01 dual-stereo half-rack transmitter, and M2C-L wideband power combiner. The transmitter and receiver housings are all-metal for added durability, and both analog and Dante digital signal sources are supported.


— Phantom power protection on the M2Ra headphone jack so that the receiver can be safely used as a camera hop receiver.

— IFB analog compatibility mode on the M2Ra for added flexibility.

— Dante digital and analog inputs on the M2T/E01 transmitter.

— Clear menu structures and color displays on both transmitter and receiver.

— High receiver IP3 and 1dB RF compression points for better handling of high signal levels.

— D2 and HDM mono digital compatibility modes in the M2Ra so it can be used as a small portable receiver or portable monitor device with mono digital transmitters from the D Squared product line.

— AES 256-bit CTR encryption with four key policies available.

— Wireless Designer connectivity on the M2T/E01 via USB or Ethernet.

Both the M2Ra body pack receiver and M2T/E01 half-rack transmitter include a USB jack so users can update the firmware in their units in the field using Lectrosonics Wireless Designer software.

One of the unique aspects of the Duet system is the Flexlist, allowing users to build a list, by name, of up to 24 monitor feeds. Users can browse these feeds on an M2Ra with a minimum of navigation.

The M2Ra-B1C1, M2T/E01-B1C1, and M2C-L are available now.