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Lectrosonics Announces The Passing Of Howard Kaufman

23-year veteran of the company was extremely passionate about sharing its products and technologies with his customers.
Howard Kaufman

It is with great sadness that Lectrosonics announces the passing of a member of its immediate family, longtime Northeastern technical sales representative Howard Kaufman, on February 27, 2020.

A 23-year veteran of Lectrosonics, Kaufman was working as an engineer at the United Nations designing systems for broadcast and conference facilities when he met company president Gordon Moore, who at the time was Kaufmann’s primary technical support at Lectrosonics. Getting to know Howard inspired Moore to offer him a position at Lectrosonics.

“Howard loved providing technical support throughout the Northeast US and loved going to Europe for trade shows. He was demanding of our engineering department, a technical superstar who made it a point to totally, completely, comprehend how everything worked,” says Moore. “Over the years, I watched Howard raise a family, become involved deeply in his community, and grow in his own personal path. He was a great friend, a marvelous employee and a blessing on the lives of everyone who met him. He reached out to the audio community and encouraged so many young people to be creative and follow their talents.”

Credited with coining the term “Lectroid” to describe a fanatical Lectrosonics employee or user, Howard called himself a “Lectrovangelist,” as he was extremely passionate about sharing the company’ products and technologies with his customers. Howard was unflappable and always had a calm demeanor even when under a lot of pressure, the calm in the eye of the storm. His loyalty to family, friends, clients and company was unquestioned.

Howard Kaufman was also very well-known for his sense of humor and his unstoppable passion for bad puns and obscure jokes. As Moore says, “I begged him to stop many times and he never would. Groans and laughter were the rule of thumb at dinner with him.”

Previous to Lectrosonics, Howard’s career work included 22 years as an engineer in various positions at the U.N. Headquarters, as well as 15 years at Full House Productions, a media production company in New York City.

“All of us here at Lectrosonics will miss Howard’s humor, presence, dedication and gentle soul. He left a big footprint on the world and we are all better for it,” adds Moore. “We pass along our deepest condolences to his family. We know they will miss him terribly, as we all will.”


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