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A LEA Professional Network Connect Series 702 amplifier (inset) drives the loudspeakers at the new Barista Parlor location in Indianapolis.

LEA Professional Helps Elevate Barista Parlor Coffee Shop In Indianapolis

Latest location of the Nashville-based coffee chain located in a former auto factory equipped with a system incorporating a Network Connect Series 702 power amplifier working with the LEA Cloud.

The latest location of Nashville, TN-based coffee chain Barista Parlor is set inside the former Stutz automobile factory in Indianapolis that’s equipped with a sound reinforcement system utilizing a LEA Professional Network Connect Series 702 power amplifier working with the LEA Cloud in delivering music straight from the source — a classic record player.

Barista Parlor favors a handmade approach to its furniture, lighting fixtures, and now audio systems. This made Joseph Hazelwood, founder of Hazelwood Laboratories, a good match as the integrator on the project as he specializes in handcrafted technology designed to be timeless yet highly functional.

“I worked with the LEA team directly, and they were extremely accommodating in answering my questions about development,” says Hazelwood. “They were just really supportive throughout the process, and I found LEA’s products to be amazing and effortless to use but still flexible for my needs. The adaptability truly pushes the LEA amplifiers ahead. No matter how specific my needs are, I know they’ll live up to the task.”

The CS702 is a two-channel amplifier with stated 700 watts per channel. As part of the Connect Series, it’s an IoT-enabled (Internet of Things) unit providing the desired feature set and audio power for the project.

“The LEA Cloud service is a huge benefit to me and Barista Parlor,”Hazelwood notes. “The fact that I can log in from here in Nashville and troubleshoot issues or make adjustments for them if they need, it’s game-changing. There’s very little that we can’t access remotely, and it saves our customers money in the long run because we don’t have to dispatch the local technician, or we don’t have to drive up there.”

He adds that he’s specified LEA amplifiers in four Barista Parlor installations, including the CS702 in Indianapolis and Sylvan Supply in Nashville as well as the CS354 in Hillsboro Village in Nashville and 500W in Louisville.

“Barista Parlor is a wonderfully unique coffee chain that requires a sound system just as special. Our amplifiers allow each store to customize their audio experience however they need to, ensuring every song is heard beautifully from those record players,” concludes Scott Robins, VP of sales at LEA Professional. “This installation reflects our goal to provide the perfect audio system for every customer, no matter their needs, and we hope every Barista Parlor customer enjoys how perfectly the music will pair with their cup of coffee.”

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