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The new L-Acoustics L Series arrays in place at Wind Creek Event Center in Bethlehem, PA.

L-Acoustics Leads A New Way At Wind Creek Event Center In Pennsylvania

Bauder Audio Systems implements new concert system headed by L Series array at 3,500-capacity venue presenting top music, comedy and other artists in Bethlehem.

Wind Creek Event Center in Bethlehem, PA, a 3,500-capacity venue that has been presenting top music, comedy, and other artists for the past dozen years, was recently equipped with a new concert sound reinforcement system utilizing recently introduced L Series arrays, with integration provided by Horsham-based L-Acoustics Certified Provider Bauder Audio Systems.

The system in the 40,000-square-foot venue, independently owned and operated by Vision Entertainment Group and located on property at Wind Creek Casino and Resort, incorporates two L2 loudspeakers over one L2D element per side, each powered by its own LA7.16 amplified controller. The system is rounded out by five A10i underbalcony fills, two A15i Wide delays, and 19 Kiva II front fills, all powered by LA4X amplified controllers, plus 10 KS28 ground-stacked subwoofers driven by three LA12X. The entire system is managed by a P1 processor and connected over a Milan-certified AVB network.

Bauder Audio systems production manager Brian Naab says the venue first heard about the L Series from Matchbox 20’s front of house engineer, who experienced it at Coachella last year. “The band came through the Event Center during a time when the venue was considering replacing its current PA system and he said, ‘You really ought to give the L2 a listen’,” Naab explains. “We hadn’t yet had the opportunity to attend a demo, but we felt that our relationship and experience with L-Acoustics alone was enough to make a solid decision based on the system specs.”

One L2 or L2D element provides the same contour as four K2 elements in a format that is 46 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter, and the broadband coverage uses super-cardioid pattern to help improve rear rejection. “This level of SPL and clarity from a system of this size is unmatched,” Naab says, adding that the packet delivery of the Milan-AVB network helps foster low latency reliability throughout the system. “After a private show to give the house staff and management a feel for the new system, and then an official restart with a show by the band Machine Head, everyone was super happy with the choice of L Series.”

Wind Creek Event Center head of audio and production manager John Rupp adds, “The clarity, coverage, and punch is fantastic. With our old system, many locations in the venue sounded like a completely different rig every few feet. With the L Series, the quality is exactly the same from just about every spot in the house; whether you are up in the suites or in the front row, the characteristics remain consistent. The system’s headroom is an added bonus as well. The Machine Head and Fear Factory tour was one of the first shows we hosted with the L2 arrays. The touring engineers kept the system around 105dB all evening and didn’t need to push it any further due to the system’s accuracy. At that decibel level, the amplifiers still had so much headroom left that it was almost scary.”

“We always want the artist to know the equipment we have available in-house will allow them to present their show in the best light,” concludes Jamey Hines, Wind Creek Event Center EVP/general manager. “Being recognized by touring artists and agencies as a first-class venue with top-of-the-line sound is a major factor in their decision to elect to play the Event Center. Additionally, the artist having the level of equipment needed to present their art as they envision it translates to the audience hearing it as intended, making for a great experience all around. L-Acoustics is on every top touring band’s rider. We understand what artists are looking for when choosing a venue and we feel that having the brand-new L Series here shows that we’re making sure we go above and beyond their needs.”

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