L-Acoustics & JH Audio Team Up On New Contour XO In-Ear Monitors

Built on JH Audio’s in-ear technology, Contour XO is the first IEM to offer the L-Acoustics sonic signature.
New L-Acoutics Contour XO powered by JH Audio IEMs.

L-Acoustics has introduced Contour XO powered by JH Audio, with the two entities combining their R&D teams’ expertise to reproduce the L-Acoustics sonic signature frequency contour in new universal in-ear monitors (IEMs).

The limited-edition Contour XO IEMs incorporate 10 balanced armature drivers and a three-way crossover in a quad low, dual mid, and quad high configuration. Control of the low end is provided with bass adjustment of up to 15 dB above flat response.

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Contour XO is born from the meeting Jerry Harvey and Dr. Christian Heil. Both pioneered technologies that have changed the pro audio industry: multi-driver in-ear monitors and the present-day concert PA based on the L-Acoustics line source array. Specifically, the new IEM is designed to reproduce the nuances and impact of live music reinforced by L-Acoustics sound systems.

“I was impressed by the jeweler-like precision with which JH Audio could tune to match our frequency contour in such a miniaturized enclosure,” says Heil of the Contour XO. “The first time I tried the prototype, I put on my favorite playlist, and it took me 20 seconds to love them. There’s a very generous, deep low-end contour, and a high-end extension that I’ve never heard on an IEM before. The sound is natural and powerful! We recently launched sound systems for private use via our new division, L-Acoustics Creations, allowing music lovers to ‘bring the concert home.’ This IEM extends that lifestyle philosophy further still with the concept of L-Acoustics sound wearables to bring the concert with you, anywhere.”

Harvey adds,“I’ve been trying to make my in-ears sound like an L-Acoustics PA for years. It wasn’t until their team challenged us that we got as close as we could. The L-Acoustics R&D team has been great to work with.”

In addition, the development of Contour XO supports the upcoming release of new L-ISA binaural object-based mixing software tools currently in beta testing with a select pool of audio professionals.

“It was an exhilarating challenge to collaborate with the fast-paced and talented team at JH Audio on the first L-Acoustics IEM. We knew that the outcome of our joint efforts would need to fulfill criteria that are both measurable and pleasurable,” explains Christophe Combet, L-Acoustics Executive Director of Research and Development. “The testing process was iterative and uncompromising, right up through the final review and approval from our expert ears listening committee. Contour XO achieves pocket-size portability for our sonic signature, earning the same golden logo that adorns our PAs around the world.”

Available now via the L-Acoustics eStore (here), customers can choose from both universal and custom-fit options of Contour XO. The universal fit model is priced at €1,620 (approximately $1,900 USD) including VAT. Custom-fit Contour XO are available for an additional €340 plus tax.

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