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iZotope Introduces Alloy 2 Mixing Suite Configurable Plug-In

Combines six essential tools in one package

iZotope has released the next generation of Alloy, a forward-thinking mixing suite that combines six essential tools in one self-contained and completely configurable plug-in.

Alloy 2 takes the traditional channel strip and brings it into the future with powerful sound-shaping tools, exceptional sound quality, and a streamlined workflow.

“Whatever the track, Alloy 2 provides a wealth of tools that give you both corrective and expressive control over your audio while mixing,” says Brett Bunting, Alloy product manager. “We went out of our way to create a tool that not only raises the bar sonically, but also enables engineers to achieve a desired sound simply and efficiently with a more seamless workflow.

“Those who have never used Alloy before will be amazed by the number of mixing solutions contained within a single plug-in, while users of Alloy 1 will be struck by how much we’ve managed to add and enhance while still improving usability.”

Key Features:

—Six tools in one integrated plug-in: Equalizer, Dynamics, Exciter, De-Esser, Transient Shaper and Limiter

—Balances vintage emulation with digital precision

—Zero latency performance, whether tracking in real-time or in the midst of a mix session

—Rich meter displays to guide the way

—More than 250 presets and a “tweaker’s paradise” of advanced controls

Alloy 2 includes a redesigned Exciter module, a revamped multiband Transient Shaper, a host of new EQ filters, including Treble and Bass Baxandall filters, and more.

The user interface has been overhauled, enlarged to make more controls accessible, and a new Overview panel dynamically adjusts to show only the most relevant settings of the modules in play.

With low CPU usage and zero latency operation, Alloy 2 can be used again and again across a wide range of tracks and buses, making it a mixing complement to iZotope’s flagship mastering suites, Ozone 5 and Ozone 5 Advanced. To this end, Alloy 2 also offers an internal Meter Tap, which provides immediate visual feedback from Alloy 2’s tracks and buses in the Ozone5 Advanced Meter Bridge.

Alloy will be available for $149 until September 6, 2012, after which Alloy 2’s suggested retail price will be $199 /159 EUR. iZotope customers who purchased Alloy 1 on or after June 27, 2012 will receive a free upgrade to Alloy 2 upon release.

A special upgrade price of $79 will be available for all Alloy1 customers who purchased before June 27, 2012.


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